How to enema: cleanse the intestines and liver

In our stomach there is a control center, a network of nerve cells, that tooenteric nervous system is called and is part of the autonomic nervous system. So that which cannot be actively controlled by us. With statements like “hit your stomach”, “have butterflies in your stomach”, or “can't digest something”, we already attribute a life of its own to our stomach. It reacts to external influences and communicates with us in its very own way.

This nerve network lies between the muscle layers of the intestinal wall and consists of about 200 million nerve cells - about as many as a Golden Retriever has in its cerebral cortex. Pretty smart actually. When we think about what dogs can do, there is a lot of potential hidden in the dark in our intestines.

The head thinks, the gut steers. Or the other way around.

About thegut-brain axis The gut and brain communicate with each other, with most of the information going from the gut to the head (90%). So the stomach has a lot more to say to the head than vice versa. The communication channel is used herevagus nerve, which directs the information, especially emotions, to the brain and from there is interpreted. And because very few of us speak “gut”, there is plenty of room for interpretation – this is where intuition comes into play. Our intestines must be healthy in order to be able to tap into the power of intuition.

The intestinal flora plays an important role here, because it produces hormone-like substances that serve to communicate between the intestine and the brain. Emotions, stress resistance or pain perception can be controlled via these messenger substances. Serotonin, our happiness hormone, is mainly produced in the intestines. So it's no wonder that we don't feel good when digestion isn't working properly. So happiness begins in the gut.

What makes our gut happy?

Our entire environment has an impact on our intestines: stress, exercise, nutrition, relationships, job and so there are many ways to make our intestines happy. Basically, the intestine cleans itself independently. However, since we are constantly exposed to different toxins, which the intestines and liver often can no longer manage without help, intestinal cleansing is a successful method of supporting the body in detoxification and is part of the Gerson therapy.

What are the effects of green coffee on our health?

Coffee enemas help remove toxins from the liver. Unlike most other enemas, the coffee enema is not primarily about the intestines, but about thecleansing of the liver. The liver is an important detoxification organ in the human body. It can dispose of many toxins from the human organism into the intestine via the bile ducts. If this disposal no longer works properly, the waste products remain in the bile ducts of the liver and reduce its performance. As a result, the liver can no longer filter as effectively and more metabolic waste products remain in the blood. In the long run, this can lead to health problems such as allergies, depression or an immune deficiency.

green coffee

How Does Coffee Enema Detoxify the Liver?

  • The bitter substances dilate the bile ducts in the liver. More bile is produced, which removes deposits and cleans the bile ducts.
  • The acids in coffee stimulate bile production in the liver and promote the excretion of bile.
  • Another ingredient in green coffee that aids in detoxification is palitic acid.
  • Theophylline can counteract inflammation in the gut by widening the vessels in the gut.

Carrying out the enema?

With a coffee enema, coffee is pumped through the anus into the intestines with the help of a silicone tube. It is important here that only gravity and no other external force supports the progress of the procedure. The intestine thus absorbs the amount that it can "utilize" at its own speed. In the rectum, the active ingredients in coffee are absorbed into the blood via the mucous membrane and thus reach the liver. The portal vein is responsible for this.

What equipment do you need?

A set with a stainless steel bucket is best suited for you can find ours in the online shop. The set contains everything you need for a colon cleanse - including various attachments. Of course, to perform a green coffee enema, you also need green you will find one from organic and fair cultivation. Please make sure that you do not use conventional coffee. Some coconut oil for the attachment to easily insert the tube and clean water.

enema bucket

Preparation of the coffee

Bring ½ liter of water with two heaped teaspoons of green coffee powder (without lid) to the boil. After about five minutes on a low flame with the lid closed, let the coffee steep for 15 minutes. Pass through a fine sieve. Allow the coffee to cool and add another ½ liter of water.

The temperature of the enema liquid.

Body temperature (about 37 degrees). It shouldn't be too cold or your blood vessels will constrict, and not too hot or you'll scald yourself. The coffee should be at a comfortable drinking temperature.

The process itself.

To do this, lie on the floor, on a mat and a towel. It should feel comfortable and you should be able to transfer all of your weight to the surface you are lying on. Any tension in the body should be avoided.

Lie on one side of your body in fetal position, bend your legs slightly and rest your head on a cushion or another towel. When you've drained all the liquid in your bowels, take slow, long, deep breaths before carefully rolling onto the other side. Back in fetal position, stay on the other side for 10-15 minutes.

If you have the feeling that the pressure is becoming too great and even relaxed, calm breathing does not relieve the pressure, then it is time for you to stop the enema. Stress or panic should never spread through your body.

How often/how long should I do coffee enemas?

You can do coffee enemas about once a week for a period of three months. As with everything else, it is important to listen to your own body. If the treatment is not good for you, please stop. In the case of serious diseases of the liver or the digestive organs, please clarify beforehand with a doctor or a therapist.

A few tips at the end.

  • The coffee should be retained in the intestine for about 15 minutes before flushing the contents down the toilet. If that doesn't work right from the start, you can just as well do several, shorter enemas. It is important to be completely relaxed.
  • If you don't feel the need to go to the toilet despite the amount of liquid, you can walk around a bit. Extra tip: Sneak around the bathroom rather than move too far away - experience has shown that things can suddenly go really fast.
  • If you notice a changed smell in your body fluids (sweat, urine), this is related to the improved liver performance.
  • It is best to combine your coffee enemas with a Liquid Fasting you will find a blog entry about liquid fasting andhere our package for it.
  • If you feel restless and a little jittery after the enema, it is best to reduce the amount of coffee for the next time.
  • The intestinal flora plays a crucial role in health and well-being. A good way to support this is probiotics. You can find probiotics in our Super Seed Ease&Peace seed breakfast,Good feeling tonic orSuperfood Digest capsules.
  • For me, an enema is always a nice way to get rid of emotional baggage and not only cleanse my body, but also my mind and soul. For me, the best tool for this is journaling. During the 15 minutes that the enema "takes effect" I write down everything I want to get rid of. Everything that no longer serves me in my life. As I sit on the toilet, I close my eyes and visualize all the ballast being flushed out of my body via the toilet, down the drain. If that sounds appealing to you too, you'll findhere another blog post about writing andhere our "How do you want to feel" journal in three different colors.

If you're curious but don't really have the courage to do so, then you're more than welcome to visit us at the Herbarium on Hoher Markt in Vienna - we'll tell you more about it. The main thing here is to have fun. Having fun doing something good for the body, showing something new. Having fun cleaning yourself up and making room for something new.

Love, Sophie