How to heal: How we heal ourselves

We as humans are a mystery. A short experiment. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself the question: where is my consciousness, my soul, my ego, my personality, what makes me human? We are so busy trying to relate ourselves to where, to a time, to a place, to a group, that we forget who or what it is that is meant to fit. We take our consciousness for granted. But what is our consciousness?

Our conscious mind is an intelligence that, for most people, is made up of memories - things we've done, thoughts we've thought, and feelings we've felt. This is how we exist in the past. Our system allows nothing but habit and we live in an old pattern every day. Trauma and bad experiences reinforce this dynamic. We're focused on not having that one bad experience again, so all of our attention is focused on what we don't want. We don't do this out of bad faith, but out of self-protection. For ensuring our survival and not having the same (deadly) experiences over and over again.

Produce an electromagnetic field.

Now, our environment has not evolved in parallel with our nervous system. We are exposed to input that we are unable to process. We lag behind and process moments we have experienced in this way retrospectively. And because our nervous system is designed to remember the bad, we create an electromagnetic field of fear, worry, shame, and disgust.

Both the heart and the brain generate an electromagnetic field. The Heart Math Institute has found that both the electric and magnetic fields in the heart are many times greater than those in the brain, reach far beyond the body and can even be measured in people in your immediate vicinity.

"The power that created the body is also capable of healing the body"
Joe Dispenza

What does all this have to do with healing? Our existence is subject to a higher logic. From the beginning of our existence, everything that is responsible for the creation of the human body is not a product of a conscious process. Something as complex as digestion, breathing, the function of the organs, the blood circulation, the function of the nerves and also cell regeneration is subject to an order that we cannot actively influence. Going one step further, one can discover this order throughout the cosmos, and that makes us part of an intangibly large whole.

Illness can now be seen as a disruptive factor in this system. This system is characterized by harmony and balance and even if the system has a high level of resilience, disharmonious emotions and thoughts can have a permanent impact on it. If a negative thought is able to upset this natural order, is a positive thought able to put it back in order?

Our brain and our immune system constantly monitor all processes that take place in the body. So do our emotions. Every body feeling, every emotion triggers a matching thought and this creates an interplay of thoughts and emotions - the result is what we call personality.

How emotions make us sick.

The original thought may have been a consciously chosen one. However, if it is repeated over and over again, it becomes a sure-fire success, an automatically running program. At a certain point, the body takes control, it switches to autopilot, the thought manifests itself in the system and becomes our very personal truth.

Psychoneuroimmunology is the name of the research area that examines this - the interactions between the immune, hormone, nervous system and psyche. Research has shown that every thought triggers a biochemical reaction in the brain. In the process, messenger substances are released that encourage the body to generate a suitable emotion. Whether we like it or not, every thought causes a corresponding feeling and vice versa.

If you find yourself in a negative thought spiral, it helps to take a step back and ask yourself: Does the dominant thought support my recovery process? Is the thought perhaps even the origin of the disease? Eric Kandel, was awarded the Nobel Prize for answering these and similar questions. If you want to reprogram your system, that's calledHeban learning. This requires new brain synapses to be wired.

Keeping the brain dynamic - reinterpreting situations.

The more often a thought is thought, the stronger this neuron street is developed and the more likely it is to always think in the same patterns. You can think of it as a deep notch that you keep slipping into if you don't actively bring yourself to take a detour to thin out the notch a bit.

Taking detours and forming new patterns is a challenge. If we start to change our environment, it can help us. The more new things we experience on the outside, the easier it is for us to change our insides - this is called neuroplasticity and is nothing more than keeping the brain elastic. This can be as trivial as choosing a different path to work or as drastic as changing jobs. The aim of the exercise is to question one's own place: am I ready to let go of this (victim) role and no longer define myself by it? What if I stop giving so much space to this traumatic event, this bad experience? Who is left if I shed all this sadness, anger, fear?

The resulting knowledge often leads to a completely new life. New job, new group of friends, new relationship, new apartment, healthier food, new routine, better sleeping habits. You become the person you want to be and not remain the (sick) person you were in the past.

"Genes don't determine everything. Their activity can be controlled, not least through our lifestyle. This gives us unprecedented power over our physical and mental well-being.”
dr Peter Spurk

It has long been believed that genetic predisposition says a lot about whether or not we will get a certain disease in our lifetime. In the meantime, epigenetics has discovered that genes are influenced by their environment up to 85%. What that means: someone who lives life in the same way, day in and day out, experiences the same emotions, pursues the same thoughts will also not produce any new biochemical processes in the body. However, if we manage to offer our genes a new environment, they produce new protein compositions, and proteins create life.

So how do we create a new environment? Our system knows no linear time, knows no inside and outside and cannot distinguish between reality and "imagination". Put simply, we can rethink our genes.

What is needed is an intention that corresponds to a clear emotion. Emotion is the key factor here.Positive thinking alone is not enough. Emotion and thought must be in harmony in order to trigger a biochemical reaction. Both must be authentic and honest, as if you are actually experiencing it - your inner state must become reality and preferably daily.

where is my pain

If your day is characterized by the same events over and over again, life circumstances will eventually take over and your body will always follow the same paths. You can observe this based on the first thoughts you have in the morning. If I wait to feel the pain, sadness or stress, it will come. You can rely on our body!

Everything in your life is linked to a neurological pattern and produces an emotion. It is pleasant for the body to experience the same emotions over and over again, regardless of whether they are beautiful or less beautiful. It takes less energy and we save energy wherever we can. It can be the case that one uses an egoistic friend to legitimize one's own subjectively felt worthlessness, or one uses the boss to satisfy one's dependency after evaluation. We unconsciously create an environment that supports us in staying in our story.

How we shape our own reality.

One of the basic laws of quantum physics says that all matter, when broken down into its smallest parts, is an energy field. These parts exist in wave form and are only fixed in a fixed place by the observer. So our universe is an endless hodgepodge of possible realities that only become fact through observation. We observe with our senses, which are analyzed and interpreted in the brain. Thus the interpretation (whether something is good or bad) is always a product of our thoughts. She is fiction.

What does that mean now? Roughly and simply put, that we shape our own reality, in any form, through the power of our thoughts. Whether we are happy or not, whether we are sick or not, whether we are fat or not, whether we are successful or not. So health begins with a thought that produces an emotion that manifests, forms proteins, and materializes over time.

Meditation is one of the tools that is recommended over and over again to get rid of negative thoughts and break thought loops. Meditation is great. It teaches us patience and resilience - the nerves of steel to deal with our own thoughts. It shows us that we are not just our thoughts or our emotions. It brings out our subconscious and lets us see more clearly. But meditation has its limits. Namely when we get up from meditation, choose the same way to work again, sit in the same armchair, in front of the same screen, get a cup of coffee at the same time, take the same way back home, lie down on the same couch , in the same position and watching TV until we go to sleep only to wake up the next morning with the same thoughts.

You don't have to turn your entire life upside down, quit your job, leave your partner, grab the kids and move to Bali to create a new neural pattern. It is often enough to do little things differently and to react differently to certain things. Watching your partner flood the bathroom with more composure, giving the kids time to stroll around, being more considerate of others on the road, and learning to understand that the same Grant in the same situation has an even deeper notch on the road neurons road leaves.

And where to start now?

With observation. The best thing to do is sit back for a few minutes and observe what this article has done to you. My experience has shown that there are two common reactions to this: curiosity and anger. Is your reaction curiosity - great! Your system is ready to take on new tasks, take detours and leave the well-known roads. If your reaction is irritation - even better. Anger is often a secondary emotion that masks an original emotion and prevents you from seeing it better. There is a lot to discover and you are at the beginning of a wonderful journey to be happy, content and healthy.

In the herbarium we offer various tools to activate the body's self-healing powers. A great and scientifically proven method is to measure and influence your HRV (heart rate variability).here there's more information about it and you can also register for a session right away.

You're doing all this very well and you've made it this far by reading. This shows that you have already started the process of change.

Believe in yourself, Sophie