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“Herbal drugstore, trendy health bar and your space to relax. HERBARIUM OFFICINALE is a new wellness concept store in the heart of Vienna, which revives the healing effects of herbs and the centuries-old knowledge of herbal medicine and phytopharmacy and translates it into the 21st century.”



Let us show you how exciting functional drinks and raw bars can be. menu

Your space in the city centre.

Dry Floating

80% of our body is made out of water! Dry floating relaxes the body and strengthens the immune system. Meditative sounds are transferred to the body via the specially built water bed and the brain waves begin to oscillate in the theta range. Book your appointment

Entspann Dich

Kundalini, Shiatsu, Sound Healing, Human Design. We offer new trend workshops in our Energy Studio and want to convey mindful practices and rituals for a sustainably conscious and healthy lifestyle. treatments

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