Bitter drops: how bitter keeps us sane

What are bitter substances?

All compounds with a bitter taste are referred to as bitter substances.The only thing these substances have in common is actually the bitter taste.

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Bitter substances are real all-rounders and affect almost our entire body.


About 250 plants with bitter substances can be found in medical or naturopathic applications. Not without reason -There are countless receptors for bitter substances in our body, even to the lungs.There they have an anti-inflammatory effect and regulate the immune system, in the bronchi, for example, against asthma.

Above all, bitter substances promote onehealthy bowel movements and have a positive effect on digestion: they make food more digestible, promote salivation and the accumulation ofdigestive juices. In addition, bitter aroma helps with thefat burning and themetabolism.

How does bitter work?

The bitter drops already unfold their effect on the tongue.

One experiences bitter tasting foods oftenas unpleasant - so we tend to avoid them. Because bitter was avoided a lot, the bitter substance content of many types of vegetables was reduced in breeding in order to keep them marketable.Endive salad, arugula or chicory used to taste much more bitter - i.e. they contained much more bitter substances.

The consequence of this is that nowadays it is difficult to consume enough bitter substances through a "normal" diet. We have "forgotten" the taste, so to speak, and so we prefer to leave it out. However, you can get used to it again. And once we get used to it, it can even taste really good.

Why should you take bitter?

The natural power of bitter substances has long been used because of the diverse effects on our health. Bitter substances play an important role in Hildegard von Bingen, in Ayurveda or TCM.

To create a balance in the diet, bitter substances are a miraculous supplement. Because we no longer automatically ingest them by eating bitter vegetables and herbs, even if we pay attention to our diet, we should actively consume bitter substances in the form of aboutbitter drop take to us.

What do bitter substances do in the body?

There are many different substances behind the term bitter substances and their effect is just as different.

It can be said clearly that natural bitter substances have a positive influence on thedifferent stages of digestion have: The activity of the stomach is stimulated, the production of thestomach acid is promoted, thebile flow improved and thefat digestion stimulated.


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The most important modes of action in the digestive tract:

  • Bitter substances stimulate the appetite
  • promote the flow of saliva
  • stimulate gastric juice production
  • increase the production of bile
  • supports fat digestion
  • increase insulin production
  • stimulate intestinal activity

Overall, one can say that digestion improves, which in turn means that the feeling of hunger is regulated and thus indirectly supports you in losing weight. Their effect on intestinal health is so great that they can even help to improve chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease.

Why else are they good for the body?

Natural bitter substances are recommended above all for healthy digestion. However, the spectrum of effects seems to be much larger.

Bitter drop effect


  • Bitter substances strengthen the immune system.
  • They can help reduce fever.
  • There is evidence of an antidepressant effect.
  • Works against exhaustion, tiredness and stress.
  • Saponins, which also belong to the bitter substances,have an impact on the growth of cancer cells.
  • Positive influence on skin diseases (e.g. neurodermatitis)

What arebitter drop

bitter drop are a tincture of bitter plant substances dissolved in alcohol. Alcohol is a particularly good extractant for these plants.


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Herbarium bitter drops are a composition ofBitter Clover, Centaury, Bitter Orange Peeland gentian root.


What is the best way to take Bitter Drops?

The bitter drops should ideally be taken regularly and preferably daily. Best they willundiluted taken before meals.

Why before the meal?

So that the bitter substances can develop their positive effect on digestion, they are about half an hourtaken before meals. They optimally prepare the entire digestive system for the processing of food and support itbloating, flatulenceor stomach pain - you feel fit again faster after eating.

In addition, the bitter drops only work against cravings if they are taken before meals.

Why undiluted?

The bitter drops are the best3 times a day taken before or after meals. To make sure that they already have theoral mucosa some of the bitter substancescan record, leave the drops in the mouth for 1-2 minutes.


Bitter drops are a simple and side-effect-free way to improve your own health, do something good for your digestion and stimulate fat burning.