Chaga Latte, Yin Tonic, Mushroom Latte und co.

Medical Herbs go Functional Drinks. Unsere HerBARium ist eine Tagesbar, in der wir Heilkräuter und Heilpilze zu Tonics verarbeiten. Wir haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, dass jede/r ohne viel Aufwand, Extrakte und Mushrooms leicht und lecker in den Alltag einbauen kann. 

Unsere Holy Bars sind vegane, zuckerfreie und glutenfreie Treats in fünf verschiedene Sorte: Chaga Brownie, Golden Oat, Lillie Marilli, Carob Bar, Mucho Matcha. Alle werden mit der Hand und viel ❤️ selbst hergestellt.

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Holy Soup

Holy Soup is a drinking soup made from the best medicinal herbs, spices and medicinal mushrooms. Depending on the season, there are different vegetables in the soup - creamy. In terms of ingredients, the tea soup is unparalleled - and not least the taste! HOLY MOLY!

Chaga Latte

Chaga Latte is a wonderful alternative to coffee. Chaga and Reishi are adaptogens that balance our nervous system and help us stay calm. The Chaga Mix is refined with Bourbon vanilla and Ceylon cinnamon. Our Chaga Latte tastes best with warm, frothed oat milk.


Our kombucha is particularly lucky because it is allowed to relax an extra round during its second fermentation. Herby, our kombucha mushroom is practically part of the family and works day and night to convert the organic sugar into organic acid. So it's full of good enzymes and vitamins that have a probiotic effect and tickle your mouth so nicely.

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