How to glow: How medicinal mushrooms make us glow

Mushrooms are a true marvel of nature. They do not only do people good, but also the forest dwellers and the soil. They help trees reach nutrients deep within the soil, aid in photosynthesis, rid the tree of heavy metals, and can even cure the tree of diseases. It is similar with humans, there is almost the right mushroom for everything.


Chaga mushroom – the detoxifying immune system booster

In the northern part of the world it is celebrated as a gift from God and has also led to significant results in some studies - although more research is certainly needed here (as for most medicinal mushrooms). Among other things, there were positive results in the regulation of blood sugar levels and the improvement of the immune system. Its antioxidant effect is also outstanding. More than 200 nutrients could be detected, which also show a positive effect on the metabolism. This concentrated load supports body and mind. It makes us more alert and receptive, increases our resilience and can help us fall asleep and stay asleep.

You can find Chaga in ourChaga Latte Mix, which is also a wonderful, caffeine-free alternative to coffee.


Reishi – the mushroom of immortality

In addition to important vitamins, minerals and trace elements, Reishi also contains polysaccharides (multiple sugars) and terpenes. The terpenes in particular inhibit the release of histamine. So it is very good for allergic reactions such as hay fever or asthma - it helps us to breathe deeply. Also in a figurative sense. Reishi has an excellent relaxing effect and can contribute to better sleep.

You can find Reishi with us in the form ofcapsule or in oursChaga Latte Mix.


Cordyceps – caterpillar fungus as an energy supplier

Cordyceps is called caterpillar fungus because it infests larvae and after about a year develops a fruiting body from the caterpillar. The caterpillar is killed and becomes a fungus itself. In addition to its immune-stimulating effect, Cordyceps is an excellent source of energy. It gives strength, endurance and willpower.

Helps with states of exhaustion, burnout and contributes to rapid regeneration - a natural doping agent that can also be used very well for weight loss. Due to the inhibiting effect of the enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO), the fungus is also used against depression and helps to increase resistance to stress. Which the caterpillar probably wouldn't confirm.

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Lions Mane – the detox mushroom

Lions Mane or Lion's Mane is suitable for detoxification and weight reduction. With 19 amino acids it is super rich in nutrients. Including all eight that are essential for humans. Special polysaccharides activate the immune system and the erinacin it contains is said to stimulate the growth of nerve factors. It is therefore helpful in diseases such as Alzheimer's or other nerve disorders. The hedgehog's mane can also help us get our cholesterol levels under control because it has a beneficial effect on blood lipids. The effect it has on the psyche is also particularly interesting. It has a positive effect on the intestines, is anxiolytic, anti-depressive and sleep-inducing.

You can find Lions Mane in our mushroom mixture:3 mushrooms + He Shou Wu and in our prebiotic extract blendGood feeling, which is characterized by its digestive-regulating properties.


Turkey Tale - strengthens the heart and fights viruses

Tramete or Turkey Tale is one of the best medicinal mushrooms against all sorts of infections. It keeps certain viruses down and is antibacterial, helps against fatigue and exhaustion. In general, she is an excellent detoxifier and can reduce side effects as a companion to chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Turkey Tale strengthens the immune system overall, especially in the case of viral infections and fungi, but also in the case of bacterial infections, and supports liver function.

You can find Turkey Tale in our prebiotic extract blendGood feeling and in our mushroom mix:3 mushrooms + He Shou Wu.


Finding the right mushroom can be a big challenge at first glance. I hope this little overview will help you.

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