How to roll: lymph massage on the face

When it comes to beautiful skin and a young appearance, there is a lot from nature that can support us here. One of them are beauty rollers. A cool precious stone on the skin is a real blessing. In the form of a jade, obsidian or rose quartz roller for facial massage, they also have a tightening effect - they support the lymphatic system in removing harmful substances.

What is the lymphatic system?

Arteries and veins make up our blood circulation and extend over the entire body. In addition, we humans have a lymphatic system that is also distributed over the entire body under the skin. It is like the roots of a tree - the large lymph channels extend into ever smaller lymph vessels and encompass our entire system.

Like a vacuum cleaner, this system is used to cleanse our body of excess water, protein and fats. The lymph nodes also have a detoxifying function. If the lymphatic system is disturbed, the lymphatic fluid can no longer drain properly and lymphatic congestion occurs. The consequences of such a lymphatic blockage are swollen eyes, acne or impurities.

How can you support the lymphatic system?

A lymphatic massage with a beauty roller supports our body in removing excess fluid accumulation. The massage also stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the muscles - the metabolism is stimulated and detoxification is supported. The massage with the jade roller allows swelling under the eyes to be removed and puffy eyes to be prevented.But impurities or the substances that are responsible for the impurities can also be eliminated by rollingand help to relax wrinkles.

It is best to have a lymphatic massage on the face every day. The good thing about it is that 5-10 minutes a day are enough to improve blood circulation and remove pollutants.

Which facial roller is best?

It is important to ensure that the scooter is of good quality - there must be no cracks in the scooter, as bacteria could collect here. Our scooters are 100% precious stone and are available in three different precious stones. thebeauty roller can be found in our online shop.

jade: Jade is considered a stone of calming and harmony. Especially with irritated skin, jade can help to relax and soothe the skin. It also activates the nervous system and the adrenal glands, thus supporting the detox effect.

rose quartz: Rose quartz represents love, romance and fertility.It has been used for many centuries as an alternative remedy eand is used in TCM for healthy skin.

obsidian: The obsidian supports the root chakra and helps to release blockages, fears and tension. It also promotes unused skills and promotes perception.

jade rollerRoller rose quartzroller obsidian


The most important thing in a lymphatic drainage - always massage from the inside out - towards the lymph nodes. In addition, I also like to roll my neck, as there are also many lymphatic channels here. Do not exert too much pressure, otherwise the tracks will "close" and no liquid can be transported away.

        1. Using the wide side of the roller, roll your forehead, cheeks and chin outwards from the center of your face towards your ears. In this way, the tissue fluid is transported to the lymph nodes.
        2. The narrow side of the roller can also be used from the inside out in a second pass. The narrow roller is ideal for the eye area, upper lip and jawbone.
        3. In another step, stroke behind the ear down the neck to the collarbone.
        4. Thatfacial tonicSpray onto face, avoiding eyes, (4-5 sprays) to create a light film of moisture - the skin can absorb the oil better if it is moistened beforehand.
        5. 4-5 drops offacial oilDistribute in palms of hands and gently dab onto face.

Herbarium tip:Keep the beauty roller, your facial tonic and your oil in the fridge - to further support the decongestant effect.