How to sage: How to incense with sage

The sage smoke is said to have a cleansing and clarifying effect and is often used ritually. Sage was already used as a medicinal plant in ancient Greece. The essential oils of sage workcalming, concentration-enhancing and atmospherically cleansing. The essential oils of the plant increase the human vital forces and lift the spirits. It is considered a nerve tonic and banishes fear and negative thoughts that can lead to physical ailments. With the help of sage incense, new energies flow more easily and old ones are driven out.

When to smoke?

In principle, smoking is always possible. More important than time and place are the occasion and the intention behind it. Reasons for smoking can, for exampletimes of upheaval be: After a move, job change, separation or at the turn of the year. For me, unpleasant visitors, a quarrel or emotions and energies that no longer serve you and you want to get rid of are good occasions.

It is also a beautiful ritual to smoke every morning to start the day in purity and peace, or every Sunday evening to smoke out the experiences and information of the week and start the new week with fresh air.

Why smoke?

We can smoke as wellenergetic shield use, for example, if we want to protect our home against negative influences from the environment. Or if we are bringing home used furniture or clothing, fumigation can cleanse it of old information and energies from the previous owner. Incense can also be used as a spiritual ritual to create a connection to a higher power or to God.

how to smoke

1. Light the sage at one end until it starts to burn slightly.

2. Blow out the fire so that it only smolders.

3. Blow the smoke in all directions and in every corner of the room.

4. You can make incense your meditation ritual and underlay incense with a personal intention.

5. The intention can be the desire to let go of something with the smoke: a quality, a feeling, a relationship or a thought - everything that is not good for you and robs you of energy at that moment.

6. Summarize your intention in one word or phrase and say it out loud. You can also repeat your intention in your thoughts and use your breath to help you: As you inhale and exhale, you rhythmically repeat your intention.

7. After smoking, ventilate the room well to let the stale smoke out and fill the room with fresh air and oxygen.

asincense bowl an abalone shell is particularly suitable.

Abalone Incense Bowl
It symbolizes the element of water, with which all elements are naturally united when incense is used.

Which sage?

white sage (White Sage) is traditionally burned in Native American incense ceremonies such as sweat lodges. White sage gives us the opportunity to reconnect with the power of Mother Earth. To unleash the cleansing and protective power of an incense, a leaf or resin is heated and its smoke fanned over the person or object, often with a feather fan. Traditionally used in ceremonies, White Sage is kept in medicine bags and bundles. In addition, the leaves are valued for their strong aroma, which also makes them a natural mosquito repellent.

smoked sage

A ritual can be something that gives your day structure, creates stability and helps you to free your head from circling thoughts. A ritual can consist of different components.

Smoking helps us to slow down our day, to pause and to pay more attention to our surroundings.