How to pull oil: The alternative oral hygiene

According to Ayurvedic texts, oil pulling helps on the way to health and inner balance. A story that began more than 2,000 years ago. Oil pulling is an uncomplicated method that contributes to daily oral detoxification. The oral cavity is exposed to numerous stresses due to our current eating habits and our modern lifestyle. In the Ayurvedic tradition, it is practiced daily - right after getting up, before the first sip of water. This prevents bacteria that have accumulated in the mouth overnight from entering the body.

Why oil pulling?

I discovered the ritual of oil pulling for myself a few years ago during a one-week fasting cure. The cleansing of body and soul has an incredible power on our entire system, just like rituals. They give us support, security and stability. We need rituals to structure our environment and develop a sense of control.

Oil pulling is both ritual and cleansing.

And so I've been taking a sip of oil in the morning since this week. That time in the morning in bed, with the bottle on my dessert table, is sacred to me. 20 minutes of quiet after waking up, no cell phone, no stress. A gentle start to the day, a kind of meditation if you will. I sit up straight so I don't accidentally swallow any of it, suck and pull the oil through my teeth, sometimes slower, sometimes faster (don't gargle). After a few minutes, the consistency and color of the oil will change. There is a silky feeling in the mouth and the oil becomes milky white.

How long do I have to oil pull?

Ideally, you draw the oil through the spaces between your teeth for about 20 minutes, because that is how long it takes for the antibacterial liquid to get rid of all the bacteria in the oral cavity and gum pockets. Be careful not to accidentally swallow the oil. It is best to spit the oil into the trash can after oil pulling so that it does not end up in the groundwater with the bacteria.

20 minutes can be quite a long time, especially in the morning when we tend to time everything very tightly. Try to see the time in the morning not only as an investment in your physical health, but also in your mental and spiritual ones. You deserve this time: a quiet time that is yours alone.

Which oil is the best oil?

You should definitely use a high-quality vegetable oil. We take a natural, cold-pressed sesame oil from organic farming and add essential oils from rosemary and orange to it - all-natural and also from purely organic farming.

mouth drawing oil

Why the essential oils? Rosemary has an antiseptic effect and not only ensures a fresh taste, but also supports the antibacterial effect. The orange oil it contains rounds off the taste and turns oil pulling into a taste experience.Ourmouth drawing oil can be found in the online shop.

When should oil pulling be used?

The morning ritual is suitable for everyone. Especially if you suffer from bleeding gums, inflammation of the gums (periodontal disease) or other open areas in the mouth. Occasional bad breath can be prevented in the same way and the teeth also become noticeably whiter.

Oil pulling supports the entire organism in detoxifying. If you are doing a detox, oil pulling can help counteract side effects such as headaches or stomach aches.


Oil pulling should be done on an empty stomach as soon as you get up. Like brushing your teeth, it becomes a fixed ritual.

That lasts 15 to 20 minutesmouth drawing oil in the mouth and is pulled back and forth between the teeth until it becomes milky in colour.

Then it is best to spit it into the garbage can together with the toxins it contains.

Then rinse your mouth with lukewarm water and your tongue with atongue cleaner clean and brush your teeth as usual.

tongue scraper

A tongue scraper also cleans the tongue of excess bacteria and removes plaque. Copper tongue scrapers are traditionally used in Ayurveda. The material removes all deposits. Be careful not to scrape too far backwards.