How to chakra: Conserve energy

I can still remember the first time I heard the word chakra. Cross-legged on my yoga mat, almost desperately looking for my inner peace. I rolled my eyes and so quickly I couldn't take another breath I was out of my body in my head. I felt resistance springing up in me immediately and I condemned the whole concept as "eso-babble" without willing to understand it.

Today it's different, today I know that the resistance came from a hidden fear, the fear of discovering this power, my power and my energy and standing up for it. Why am I telling this? I grew up in a very male-dominated environment. Showing emotions was a rarity, performance and strength were paramount, and so I learned what 'feeling' meant very late in life. Spirituality and everything that is not scientifically based scared me off and I resisted getting involved with it for a long time. And so I know how important it is to be picked up where you are. I therefore try to avoid charged terms as much as possible. And start over. Let's give it a try!

What are chakras?

Like the art of yoga, the knowledge of the chakras also comes from India.A chakra is an energy center in and around the body.

The term itself comes from Sanskrit and means "circle" or "wheel".What you call it doesn't really matter. You don't have to sit quietly for hours waiting for enlightenment to feel the power emanating from these centers. We all know gut feelings, intuition, a frog in the throat when you lose your voice, situations in which you react too cerebrally, a broken heart... All this describes the (in)activity of certain chakras.


seven chakras 7 chakra

There are seven of them, arranged vertically along the spine for a specific area of your being,are "responsible".Starting at your tailbone and ending at the crown of your head. To some extent, chakras are the mirror of our consciousness. With the idea of going through the world happily and contentedly, the action follows to open our chakras - that means to make them permeable so that energy can flow.

What are open and blocked chakras?

Blockages are nothing more than fears or disturbances in the system. You can think of your spine as a road with seven roundabouts. Once around one chakra, the energy flows to the next.

In order to feel completely comfortable in one's own skin and in interaction with the environment, the energy should be able to flow without obstacles. Every disruption, every blockage or fear costs energy. It takes a lot of strength to jump over these obstacles every day, maybe even every hour. Force we actually very good for usourselves - for our well-being, our immune system, or to help others. Once we are aware that we are equipped with ONE portion of energy that flows consciously and unconsciously in different directions, we can start to use this power to manage and consciously control and direct energy.

How can I open my chakra?

There are different ways and means to use your energy in a way that is most beneficial to you. A good start is to become aware of your own blockages.

The key ismindfulness. Mindful in everyday life, mindful in dealing with others, with yourself, mindful in emotions and feelings that trigger certain situations.

When do I feel uncomfortable? Where do I feel this discomfort? What is stopping me from doing the things I would like to do? Who does this inner voice actually belong to? If you start asking yourself these and similar questions, a very exciting dialogue begins between your conscious and your subconscious.

Another good way to become aware of your blockages is to break out of your own routine. This can be as drastic as changing jobs, or as mundane as an invitation to say "yes" that you would otherwise decline. Our system knows no difference. What we are attempting to do is disrupt our energy flow. We want to let the energy flow differently than usual.

It is often difficult to be mindful when you live everyday life day in and day out, almost automatically. We unconsciously switch to autopilot and it automatically takes us from one situation to the next. Just as we have learned and internalized. Just as we have learned to jump over these blocks and obstacles - over and over again so that they almost go unnoticed. If we sometimes only change small things, we suddenly face new challenges that our conscious and subconscious have to learn to deal with. New neural connections are created and we become more careful in dealing with ourselves and the environment.

How resistance keeps us from being happy.

But it's worth it! We are naturally energy-efficient creatures. Every routine seems to save us energy and every new thing that comes our way costs energy. However, we are not only energy-saving, but also habit-loving. And so, at first, our mind will strongly oppose it.

The spirit is looking for a way out of the new situation, trying to trick us.

Try sitting quietly and concentrating on your breath. For most of us, a situation that is anything but ordinary, or easy. Not because the practice itself is difficult, but because it requires breaking out of a habitual routine of being constantly busy and appearing. And so we actually don't have time for it, the washing machine has to be switched on, I should call my aunt, somehow I don't feel so good today. Exactly this is the moment to look and understand what wants to make us flee at this point.

The meaning of the seven chakras.

Each chakra has its own meaning and performs a specific function. It may be a bit elusive at first, that's okay.Energies and chakras are something that the body needs to understand, not the mind. The body has no idea of linear time, it acts and reacts in its own rhythm - it may be faster or slowerthan the mind. I'll show you the individual energy centers - starting from the bottom - chronologically this is also the one that arises first. Try to deal with the topic as nonjudgmentally as possible, take what you can take with you and leave everything that doesn't appeal to you.


1. Root Chakra

Also known as the base chakra, this chakra is our connection to all things earthly.

Root Chakra Root Chakra Muladhara Chakra


Accordingly, it stands for grounding, security and stability. It sits in the pelvic floor and is associated with the color red.

Chakra Tincture #1

  • Blockages of the root chakra:indolence, insecurity or agitation.problemsWithgut or weight can also occur.
  • This is how it is activated: Conscious physical activities, such as movement or dance, stimulate this chakra and ensure more stability in life again. Nutritionally, nuts, potatoes and legumes can be beneficial.
  • You can support usChakra Tincture #1 take in. It helps you to release blockages in this center, to become aware of stagnant energy and to send attention there. It is particularly suitable for chakra meditations dedicated to the root chakra.


2. Sacral Chakra

This chakra is located about a hand’s breadth below the navel and is the center for joie de vivre, sexuality and emotions.

Sacral Chakra Sacral Chakra Svadhisthana Chakra

It brings creative power and enthusiasm for sensual pleasures and is orange in colour.

Chakra Tincture #2

  • Blockage of the sacral chakra: We notice above all a reduced oneLibido and tension in the back or muscles. In addition, we increasingly experience negative emotions such asanger, sadness or jealousy.
  • This is how it is activated: If the chakra is bulky, it has to be made to flow again, and water is the main help here. Flowing movements such as swimming or drinking water or herbal teas help cleanse this chakra. Painting and other creative activities can also help.
  • To get your sexual energy and stagnant emotions flowing again, ourChakra Tincture #2 support. It increases blood flow to our sexual organs and brings life energy back.


3. Solar Plexus Chakra

Also called the navel chakra, this chakra is the seat of our personality and personal responsibility.

Solar Plexus Chakra Navel Chakra Manipura Chakra

So it is responsible for our willpower, our intellect and our assertiveness. It sits about stomach level and is yellow in color.

  • Blockages of the Solar Plexus Chakra: A blockage of this chakra shows throughrestlessness,control andmaterialism. Physical consequences can alsoObesity, stomach pain or weakness be.
  • Activate the navel chakra: The chakra can be supported with sunbathing, deep abdominal breathing and scents such as lavender and chamomile. Wholegrain products and spices such as chili, ginger or cinnamon are also stimulating.
  • theChakra Tincture #3 helps us to live our personality free from programming and conditioning. It gives us peace and strength.


4. Heart Chakra

Located directly above the heart is the heart chakra, the center for love. Not only romantic love is meant, but also warmth, joy of heart and compassion towards all people. The color of this chakra is light green.

Heart Chakra Heart Chakra Anahata Chakra

  • Blockage of the heart chakra:Doubt, coldness, vulnerability or fear come from,we find it difficult to be close. AlsoSkin, heart, lungs and the circulatory system can feel this.
  • Activate this chakra: The conscious examination of our inner being can stimulate the chakra just as much as herbal or aromatherapy. Green vegetables such as spinach, peas, cucumbers or lettuce are just as good as lemon balm and thyme.


5. Throat Chakra

The throat or larynx chakra stands for communication, clarity and individuality. It helps in self-confidence and in our personal expression. Its seat is right on the larynx and it is associated with the color light blue.

Throat Chakra Larynx Chakra Vishuddha Chakra

  • When the throat chakra is blocked, our throats become tight, we become closed and inhibited in communicating.Inflammation in the neck and throat area andthyroid problems can follow. We no longer listen to the inner voice and havedifficulty expressing ourselves.
  • Consuming fruit, honey, fruit juice or flaxseed can stimulate the chakra. Staying by a blue lake and singing, writing, and listening to music can also help. Afterwards, the ability to express yourself improves and we go through the day with more self-determination.


6. Brow Chakra

The brow chakra, also known as the third eye, is located between the eyebrows. It is associated with the color dark blue or violet and is considered the seat of intuition, reason and inner wisdom.

Ajna Chakra Third Eye Brow Chakra

  • If the brow chakra is blocked, mood swings or a loss of reality can occur. You make yourselfincreased worries and is fromplagued by stress and nightmares. Alsomigraines or headaches indicate a disturbed brow chakra.
  • When the chakra is activated, an alert mind, high awareness and strong intuitive abilities are revealed. To achieve this, teas or juices should be drunk, mental work is much more important with this chakra. Keeping a dream journal and mindfulness meditation can help bring you back to the here and now.


7. Crown Chakra

The seventh chakra is the crown chakra or crown chakra and is located a few inches above the top of the head. It is a center for spirituality, freedom and inner peace. The chakra is often shown in white, transparent or purple.

Crown Chakra Sahasrara Crown Chakra

  • A blockage in the crown chakra is often accompanied by a life crisis. We feel usaimless, unsettled and have trouble sleeping. Also a general oneWorld Pain orstates of exhaustion can occur.
  • The chakra can be stimulated by incense, fasting or spending time in nature. The conscious appreciation of oneself and other living beings also helps. If the energy flows properly again, you are in harmony with yourself and the world and feel a deep inner peace.


Blockages in the energy centers are not constant. They can occur to different degrees in different phases of life. Bringing more attention to the blockage can help to recognize learned dynamics and to react to them appropriately.

Plant substances that calm the nervous system, such as adaptogens, have a supporting effect here. OurLiquid Herbs Min is a composition of different extracts that help us get out of the head into the body and thus bring more attention to the energetic level.

Those who prefer capsules to tinctures can helpAshwaganda orRhodiola rosea.Ease'n'Peace is a balancing tonic based on raw cocoa with adaptogens - so that you can get into the balancing energy every day.

Reading this article has already taken the first step. There's really nothing to do other than regularly ask your body how it's doing and be thankful. You got this!