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Advanced oral hygiene

Wherever our body is in contact with the outside world, bacteria grow. They are good bacteria and help us fight off pathogens. However, if our oral hygiene is insufficient and food remains in the oral cavity, metabolic products can develop that smell unpleasant and form a coating on the tongue. With the correct use of the tongue cleaner, deposits can be removed even in the rearmost area of the tongue and thus effectively treat and prevent bad breath.

Cleaning the tongue with a tongue scraper traditionally belongs to the Ayurvedic cleansing rituals. In the morning after brushing your teeth, use the tongue cleaner to remove plaque from your tongue. Our tongue scraper is made of pure copper, which according to Ayurveda is very good for the body, as it has the property of being able to bind toxins, among other things.


Place the tongue scraper as far back as possible. Just press it down lightly and pull it forward. Repeat this process until no more topping comes off, which is usually about 5 repetitions. Should you feel a gag reflex, grab your tongue with a cloth and pull out.

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