Yoni Steaming


Yoni Steaming

Almost everywhere in the world, women use the ancient knowledge of herbal steam for their intimate health and as a self-love ritual. The intense heat promotes blood circulation, muscle relaxation and gets stagnant energies flowing again. Natural active ingredients from medicinal herbs, plants and blossoms reach the body via the warm steam and have a supportive effect on all levels.

Areas of application of Yoni Steaming

* Regenerates, relaxes and detoxifies the whole body

* Circulates, warms and relaxes the pelvis

* Balances the menstrual cycle, hormones, natural flora and relieves painful menstrual bleeding

* Boosts fertility  

* Regulates the nervous system

* Supports the cleansing of the uterus

* as birth preparation from the 38th week GW and after birth (recommended by midwives)

*  for the prevention and support of infections, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis and hemorrhoids

* deepens your sensuality and body awareness

* supportive during menopause

* for a pleasurable and pain-free sexuality

* connects you with your femininity and your creativity

Each Yoni Steaming begins with a conversation and lasts 60 minutes including the steam bath. Register with Pina Tel: 0676/6616040 beforehand. So the herbs can be mixed according to your needs, intentions and desires.

You can enjoy the steam bath in silence, or let yourself be guided through the process through touch and breathing exercises. The session ends with deep relaxation.

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