Shiatsu (Anna P.)


Fascinated by Shiatsu work and its positive effect on holistic health, I support people on their way to more well-being and balance with dedication. Touch is the instrument that both perceives the signals from your body and sets processes in your body in motion through changing pressure and intensity.

By stimulating the energy flow, we achieve a positive effect on the entire vegetative system. Self-healing ability and internal regulatory mechanisms are activated, body, mind and soul are harmonized and well-being increases.

 What is shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a manual therapeutic form of treatment, the roots of which lie in traditional Far Eastern health science. The method was developed in Japan, later expanded in Europe and combined with modern Western knowledge.

Shiatsu sees body, mind and soul as inseparable and treats people as a whole. The aim of the impulses is to support the self-regulation power of the body as a whole.

 Who is Shiatsu for?

 Shiatsu is suitable for people of all ages, with and without physical problems. It offers numerous possibilities not only to treat so-called "complaints of modern everyday life", but also to experience inner peace, to promote physical and mental relaxation, to listen to one's own needs and to activate our natural self-healing powers.

Shiatsu not only has a beneficial effect, but also shows treatment success for numerous complaints and symptoms. Shiatsu is often used: 

  • Relief of physical discomfort, pain
  • stress and tension
  • To support recovery processes
  • as an adjunct to other therapies
  • in personal change processes and difficult life situations (overload, stress, crises, burnout)
  • improvement of mobility

 How does Shiatsu work?

 It supports you individually, depending on what you need at the moment. The deeper understanding of the situation is achieved through touch. Through targeted work on the meridians that flow through our body system, our organ systems, musculoskeletal system and metabolism experience support in their ability to self-regulate during the treatment process.

 In a Shiatsu treatment, I focus on your personal well-being and support you in giving your body and soul space, to relax and to engage in a deeper encounter with your body. With the help of gentle pressure and leaning techniques, selected rotations or stretches, the body and the forces acting in it are brought into the field of attention. I follow the flow of inner and outer movement in mindfulness and react to what your body shows and needs at that moment. The energy in the body is invigorated and harmonized, the natural self-healing powers are mobilized and healing processes and well-being are made possible.

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