Osteopathic bodywork


Encounter the body as a healthy system.

I am Melanie. I have a Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy and research mcurrently in the field of women's health.

My passion is helping people to experience their body as a safe and beautiful place. 

In my work as a body therapist, I want to help people to find or regain trust in their bodies.

In humility before the wisdom of your tissue I flow into the treatment. Guided by your breathing and partly intuitive we deal with different relevant structures. For me, in addition to specific causes, research is above all the sustainability important to the treatment. That is why all patients receive an individual exercise sheet.

I meet the body with curiosity and Flexibility. Release blockages on a physical level and keep the space for what resonates on a psychological level.

Encounter the body as a healthy system.

I trust your body and meet you empathetic mindfulness and nonjudgmental presence. Your tissue is in constant motion and as soon as it begins to trust, it begins to speak.

From macro movements to micro movements. Instead of forcing a treatment on your body, I look at what your tissue desires. This will strengthen your body independently in its own power.

As part of my In research, I deal with the relationship between people and theirs uterus and hers cycle. At the moment I am mainly researching in the area of recurring symptoms, as well as scar tissue and the somatic experiences stored in it.

Possible treatment indications:

  • Stress, Burn-Out
  • indigestion
  • Chronic back pain
  • Pregnancy (by arrangement)
  • Pre-menstrual Syndrom
  • Trauma release support
  • tiredness, exhaustion
  • headache
  • scar treatment

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