Natural Deo Creme Lemongrass


  • vegan
  • lactose free
  • gluten free
  • fructose free

Free of aluminum or other additives

The natural ingredients of our Natural Deocreme: Lemongras have a calming and moisturizing effect. This will make you feel protected and fresh! The soft deodorant is quickly absorbed by the skin, does not clog pores and does not leave greasy traces on clothing. Each of our deodorants is based on a combination of shea butter and jojoba oil.

It is easy to spread and leaves your skin velvety soft. The essential oils it contains give the deodorant a pleasantly natural, fresh scent.

Despite the space-saving size, the deodorant lasts for 2-3 months (depending on use).

<p>Shea Butter (organic), Jojoba Oil (organic), Corn Starch (organic), Baking Soda, INCI: Butyruspermum Pakt (Shea) Butter (organic), Simmondsia Chinensis Oil (organic), Zea Mays Starch, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cymbopogon Flexuosus Oil*, Citronellol*, Linalool*, Limonene*. </p><p>*natural components of the essential oil</p>

Spread a pea-sized amount under your armpits with your fingers.

Free shipping to Austria from a purchase value of € 60, to Germany from € 80 and to Switzerland from € 100.

Austria €3.90
Germany €8.90
Switzerland € 9.90
European Union €8.90

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