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Ayurvedic oral hygiene

Oil pulling is an uncomplicated method that contributes to daily oral detoxification. In the Ayurvedic tradition, this is practiced daily - right after getting up, before the first sip of water.

The oral cavity is exposed to numerous stresses due to our eating habits and our modern lifestyle: Sugar and sugary foods attack the teeth, processed foods and wheat products lower the PH value. This leads to an overly acidic oral flora. Gum disease is becoming more and more common.

Oil pulling can be prevented. Oils bind substances in plaque and can thus be transported away more easily. Oil pulling can help improve the appearance of teeth over the long term. The combination of sesame oil and the essential oils it contains specifically targets the holistic health of the oral cavity. The essential oils contained in mouth pulling oils have a positive effect on the oral flora and the bacterial cultures in the mouth, and can thus reduce bad breath and plaque in particular.

The mouth pulling oil works particularly well in combination with our tooth oil.

Sesame oil (organic), rosemary essential oil (organic), orange essential oil (organic)

Put a tablespoon of oil in your mouth and rinse until the color and consistency of the oil changes (5-10 minutes). Do not swallow or gargle.

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