Milk thistle + artichoke


For a strong detoxification system

The valuable ingredients of Artischocke (Cynara scolymus) a stimulating effect on the production of bile is attributed, which is said to have a positive effect on active fat digestion. In this way, digestive problems can be prevented and an unpleasant feeling of fullness can also subside.

The medicinal plant Mariendistel (Silybum marianum) Traditionally used for digestive problems such as bloating and flatulence. It is assumed that the secondary plant substances "seal off" the liver cells by stabilizing the cell membranes against external pollutants. In this way, the overall function of the liver can be strengthened and its detoxification function can be supported.

The complex off Milk thistle and artichoke supports the body both in the build-up and in the detoxification process.

Milk Thistle: 233 mg/capsule
Artichoke: 233 mg/capsule
Capsule: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

If necessary, take one capsule three times a day with plenty of liquid.

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European Union €8.90

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