Liquid Herbs: Mind


  • vegan
  • lactose free
  • gluten free
  • fructose free

Essence to strengthen the nervous system

Liquid Herbs: Mind is a triple extracted special tincture, which through its composition has a balancing effect on the entire nervous system. The nerve tonic consists to a large extent of various adaptogens, that help to minimize and compensate stress.

If stress hormones are released regularly, this leads to a deterioration in well-being in the long term and can have an impact on the entire organism. 

Nature provides natural substances in the form of adaptogens and help our bodyies to be more resistant to stress. Adaptogens have the unique ability to calm you down and at the same time supply you with energy without being overly stimulating.

Liquid Herbs: Mind is part of a four-part series Liquid Herbs: Body & Mind, Sex & Brain.

here go to Liquid Herbs: Body

here go to Liquid Herbs: Brain

Tinkturen (4: 1): Ashwaganda (AbQ), Tulsi (AbQ), Rhodiola Rosea (AbQ), Damiana (AbQ), Alkohol, Essigsäure, Glycerin

2-3 x daily 25 drops on the tongue or in liquid. For optimal effect we recommend the combination with Liquid Herbs: Body

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