Liquid Herbs: Body


  • vegan
  • lactose free
  • gluten free
  • fructose free

Strengthen the body and the immune system

Liquid Herbs: Body is a triple extracted special tincture, with strengthening and revitalizing affects for the whole organism. The body tonic consists of extracted plants that help to increase the performance of bodily functions.

Our immune system is the there to defend our body against pathogens and other substances that we come into contact with every day. Our body's own defense is not always equally strong.

Liquid Herbs: Body was developed for just such moments. If the body feels heavy and limp, this tonic improves your performance. It delivers energy and vitality and helps to dance through the day with verve and vigour.

Liquid Herbs: Body is part of a four-part series Liquid Herbs: Body & Mind, Sex & Brain.

here go to Liquid Herbs: Mind.

here go to Liquid Herbs: Brain.

Tinctures (4:1): Echinacea (AbQ), Siberian ginseng (AbQ), Rockrose (AbQ), Water daisy (AbQ), Ruprechtskraut (AbQ), alcohol, acetic acid, glycerin

2-3 x daily 25 drops on the tongue or in liquid. For optimal effect we recommend the combination with Liquid Herbs: Min

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