St. John's wort


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The red oil for dandruff, pimples and wounds.

St. John's wort oil is obtained from the fresh yellow St. John's wort and has extremely anti-inflammatory properties and an antibacterial effect. The oil is the ideal care for inflamed skin!

application areas
-The strengthening effect of the oil is used on scar tissue.
-Relieves burns.
-As facial care for pimples and inflamed areas.
-As a scalp oil for dandruff.
-For neurodermatitis on the affected skin areas.
-As a massage oil for back and joint problems.

Due to its diverse wound-healing properties, it is suitable for skin care for dry skin, pimples, eczema and abrasions. In the case of neurodermatitis or psoriasis, the skin is soothed and itching is relieved. In the case of acne or pimples, it is advisable to dab some oil on the inflamed area.

A few drops of the oil are usually sufficient.

Olive oil (organic), St. John's wort

Apply a few drops to the affected area of skin.

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