Full Body & Yoni Dearmouring


Armour - is the result of blockages caused by stress, suppressed emotions, trauma, tension, thought patterns and different experiences throughout life. De-armouring is body work that can dissolve them. The body releases from a tense posture into relaxation and loosening and becomes sensitive, permeable and free again. You will find your vitality, enjoyment and joie de vivre again.

The word Yoni has its origin in Sanskrit, it means origin, source and gateway. It refers to the entire female intimate area - the vulva, the vagina, the ovaries, the cervix and mouth (cervix) and the uterus.

Often there is blocked energy in the yoni. This can lead to numbness, hardening and tension. With that are often trapped feelings such as fear, shame, sadness and anger tied together. For many women, their womb is an unknown landscape. When old tensions are released, your energy can flow again. Connecting to your womb empowers you, transforms your confidence and lets you in deep contact with your aliveness, freedom, depth, lust and love be.

What happens in a session?

One De-armouring Session always starts with a conversation. Together we create a safe space, clarify your intention and agree on clear and distinct boundaries. We start with an external de-armouring, regardless of whether we also want to work internally (yoni, throat, anus) or not.

The way of working with the body can be very different. Sometimes it's gentle pressure, stretching, stroking, tapping, gentle shaking, movement, sometimes I hold the trigger points or the acupressure points, touch the meridians, go deeper into the fascial tissue. Elements from kinesiology, healing of the inner child, somatic coaching and Taoist bodywork are incorporated. I hold energetic connections and work with my breath and voice.

I am clothed for all treatments and wear medical gloves for internal de-armouring.

De-armouring is for you if:

- you want to feel at home and grounded in your body

- you want to relieve pain and impairments in your legs, pelvis, back and abdomen

- you want to increase sensitivity in your pelvis and genitals

- you want to strengthen your gut feeling, your intuition and your creativity

- you want to feel a better flow of energy in your body

- you wonder where your lust and libido have gone and that unsettles you

- you feel guilt and shame in connection with your body

- you feel numbness, pain, trauma, unprocessed emotions in your womb

- You find it difficult to set boundaries

- you want to regulate menstrual cycle complaints and menstrual pain

- you want support in your second spring (menopause).

- you want support before or after the birth

If you have any questions about dates and the process, please feel free to contact me: pina.babic@gmail.com, 0676/6616040

Pina was born in Slovenia, she is the mother of a little daughter and has been living in Vienna for many years. Her life's journey has taken her on the female path of health, spirituality and sexuality. For many years she has been dedicating and researching the universal knowledge of women.

How do we stay healthy and strong in times of great challenges? How do we maintain our beauty and freshness? How can we embody our potentials and harmonize our relationships?

Her practices come from Taoism, energy medicine, somatics, yoga and life itself. She supports you in strengthening your relationship between you, your body and your femininity so that you can feel and see yourself as you are: beautiful, powerful, sensual , radiant and erotic.

My training and further education (selection):

Somatic Consent (Year Training - in progress), Matthias Schwenteck; Holistic Pelvic Care (in progress), Tami Lynn Kent; Full Body De-armouring, Dearmouring Arts; Female sexuality and De-armouring mit Susanne Roursgaard, The Gaia Method; Nervous system and feminine sexuality, Kimberly Ann Johnson; Pelvic Release, Marielle Spronck; Self:Cervix, Olivia Bryant; Yoni Club, Bonnie Bliss; Returning to wholeness - understanding and integrating trauma, Gabor Mate; Chi Nei Tsang 1,2; Tok Sen, Pure Tao Connection; Kinesiologie - Touch for Health 1,2,3,4; Opening to Pleasure- Intimate Woman; Seed of Transformation, Sasha Cobra; Healing Love; Healing Sexuality; Multi Orgasmic Couple, Mantak Chia; VITA Sacred Sexuality, Layla Martin

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