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Lymphatic massage for the face

When it comes to beautiful skin and a young appearance, there is a lot from nature that can support us. One of them is ours Beauty Roller. A cool gemstone on the skin is a real blessing. In the form of a beauty roller for facial massage, they also have a tightening effect. A lymphatic massage allows swelling under the eyes that is caused by water retention to be removed. It improves blood circulation and gives a fresh complexion.

The refreshing and rejuvenating effect is further enhanced by a combination of facial tonic and facial oil. That Gesichtstonikum relaxes and refreshes the skin. That Gesichtsöl has a nourishing and smoothing effect. 

The stimulating ritual serves as a massage for the facial skin and the underlying muscles. When used correctly along the lymphatic system on the face, wound healing can also be accelerated.

Herbarium tip: keep the Beauty Roller in the fridge for an extra fresh effect.


Using the wide side of the roller, roll your forehead, cheeks and chin outwards from the center of your face 2-3 times. In this way, the tissue fluid is transported to the lymph nodes.

The narrow side of the roller can be used in a second pass from the inside out. The narrow roller is ideal for the eye area, upper lip and jawbone.

If you want to learn more about the lymphatic system, its function and support, you can read our blog entry about Beauty Roller, or dry brushing Continue reading. 

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