Woman's Magic Tea Blend


  • vegan
  • lactose free
  • gluten free
  • fructose free

In harmony and balance

Frauenzauber tea mixture is a specially composed herbal tea for the natural regulation of the female cycle.  

With its high tannin content, lady's mantle is traditionally used in gynecology. Lavender provides calm and serenity, rose blossom and calendula - rich in essential oils - are classic women's herbs, chaste tree is used in women with irregular menstrual cycles.


Frauenzauber tea blend tastes good and provides your body with enough liquid. We recommend enjoying 1 cup several times a day and taking enough time to relax.

Calendula (AbQ), Monk's Pepper (AbQ), Lady's Mantle (AbQ), Rose Petals (AbQ), Lavender (AbQ), Hawthorn Leaves + Petals (abQ), Blackthorn Blossom (AbQ)

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Austria €3.90
Germany €8.90
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European Union €8.90

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