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Make a 30% deposit to secure your place (details on the total amount under “Costs”).

An invitation to: move, release, feel, respond. Still this isn't a workout. The goal is not to sweat or burn calories. The aim is to reconnect with your greatest ally - your body. Here we switch from moving in order to feel, to moving what you feel. 

Moving what you feel helps you to gently notice, explore and release your blocks, old patterns, trauma, stuck emotions and social conditioning through breathing, gentle touch and perception.

The session will be co-created with you based on what topic you bring along, e.g.: boundaries, tiredness, anxiety, loneliness, anger.  During the session you will learn tools that you can integrate in your day to day to regulate your nervous system and have the opportunity of a safe space to express the stuck energy. Come as you are!

How a session looks like:

  • Arriving together in the room

  • Guided meditation to fully arrive in the room

  • Introduce in the circle yourself and the topic that is present currently for you

  • Heart to Heart sharing with another person

  • Embodiment practice to release/ integrate 


  • If you feel intimidated - remember everything is just an invitation, you decide what is right for you. 

  • Session is facilitated on a mat. Dress similar to a Yoga/Dance Class: comfortable non-restrictive clothing.

  • The first session only costs €11
  • All further sessions cost €38
  • Deposit to reserve your spot is paid online, please bring the rest in cash to the event.
  • Max 8 people

Felicia is a Vienna based psychosomatic coach, who helps you to feel alive in your body & relationships.

After more than a decade in management positions in the corporate world she understood she was stuck in “doing” and “surviving”, rather than really enjoying life.

Today she offers workshops, retreats and individual coaching, drawing from both professional and personal experience on topics such as boundaries, anger, s3x, pleasure, attachment styles, trans-generational trauma. www.felicianagel.com

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