Enema Set (enema bucket)


For colon cleansing and detoxification

As part of an intestinal cure or a liver cleanse an enema can be of particular benefit. 

Green coffee enema has a detoxifying effect stimulates the immune system. It's an effective way everyone detoxification organs to to clean. here you will find our organic green coffee for a coffee enema.

The set consists of a stainless steel bucket, a silicone hose, four attachments and a bag.  

If you want to know more about enemas, then read on in our Blog section.

Pour approx. 400 ml of warm water (optionally green coffee) into the bucket. Make sure the clasp keeps the hose unclipped. Apply some oil to the attachment and insert. Find a comfortable position, preferably lying down in a fetal position, loosen the flap and allow the liquid to drain into the intestines. Wait a few minutes (about 15 minutes) before sitting on the toilet.

Free shipping to Austria from a purchase value of € 60, to Germany from € 80 and to Switzerland from € 100.

Austria €3.90
Germany €8.90
Switzerland € 9.90
European Union €8.90

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