All in One: Detox Green


  • vegan
  • lactose free
  • gluten free
  • fructose free

Detox and nutrients

All in One: Detox Green combines the best that nature has to offer in terms of detoxification and helps the body to eliminate toxins.

Moringa is considered to be one of the most nutritious plants on planet earth. Besides its antioxidant effect it protects against free radicals. Moringa strengthens the immune system and stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism.

Wheatgrass has an antioxidant and blood-forming effect due to its wealth of healthy ingredients. It has a positive effect on cell metabolism and is important for the formation of proteins.

Nettle has a purifying and stimulating effect. It stimulates the metabolism and helps to detoxify the liver and bile.

The chlorophyll in the Chlorella Algae cleans the blood and supplies it with important nutrients. This is the only way it can optimally nourish our body tissue and keep it healthy.

Enriched with acerola, the mixture also helps to protect our system from oxidative stress.


Simply stir a teaspoon of the green beauty into (lemon) water, fruit juice or smoothie. This is an easy way to start the day healthy. 

You can find all of our tonics here.

Moringa powder (organic), wheatgrass powder (organic), nettle powder (organic), chlorella powder, green oat powder (organic), acerola extract

Free shipping to Austria from a purchase value of € 60, to Germany from € 80 and to Switzerland from € 100.

Austria €3.90
Germany €8.90
Switzerland € 9.90
European Union €8.90

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