How to Shroom - Which mushroom tincture is the right one?

Fungi are among the oldest organisms on our planet and form symbiotic relationships with plants, the environment and the people who work with them. The fungal kingdom has been referred to as the earth's immune system, conferring adaptive benefits on trees, plants and all living things that engage in the subterranean network that grows on healthy forests and soils.

Liquid Shrooms is a medicinal mushroom based line of tinctures. Our mission is to use it to optimize health and open the mind.

Our mushroom tinctures are something very special

In a complex process, we produce our liquid shrooms with the help of four extractants using a trial extraction process. The active ingredients of the medicinal mushrooms are first dissolved with water, then with alcohol. Most of the alcohol is evaporated by distillation. This is followed by the third extraction step with vegetable glycerin and vinegar. This is how we make sure that all the magic from the mushrooms actually ends up in our tinctures.

Liquid Shrooms consists of three tinctures with different effects. Cordyceps is the energy booster among mushrooms. Reishi helps us to deal better with stress and makes our entire system more resilient to external influences. Chaga strengthens our life energy, our Chi, our Prana - it ensures more vitality and endurance.

Liquid Shrooms

Energy // Cordyceps

Our organic cordyceps tincture is a potent trial extract with high bioavailability. Intended for daily consumption, this tincture stabilizes energy and stress levels, improves athletic performance by increasing endurance, oxygen uptake and may also increase you will find our Cordyceps tincture.

Resilience // Reishi

Our Organic Reishi Tincture is a potent trial extractwith high bioavailability. This tincture is intended for daily consumption. Reishi has been considered the “elixir of immortality” and queen of medicinal mushrooms for thousands of years. Reishi has been shown to be an adaptogen — helping to increase energy and stress resistance — and may support sleep, the immune system, and liver you will find our Reishi tincture.

Vitality // Chaga

Our chaga tincture is a potent trial extract with high bioavailability. Designed to be taken daily, this tincture is a source of antioxidants that can restore oxidative balance in the body and slow down cellular aging. The high concentration of bioactive compounds in the Chaga medicinal mushroom not only supports cell renewal, but also strengthens the immune system and helps to regulate blood sugar and you will find our Chaga tincture.

We've made it our mission to make mushrooms a part of your daily wellness routine.