Psycho Somatic Coaching


Psycho Somatic Coaching

with Felicia Nagel 

Certified Psycho Somatic Coach

Sessions can take place in the following languages: English, German, Romanian, Russian 

What is Psycho Somatic Coaching?

  • Our Body-Mind is a fantastic piece of Art. It affects everything we do!

  • Overwhelming experiences from our past, places, situations, and other people's behaviors leave memories in our body-mind.

  • Our brain is protecting us from these memories by numbing, dis-associating, distracting, reacting, avoiding, and multiple other ways of not feeling discomfort.

  • However, these memories are alive and can be triggered to make us react and behave in ways we don't want to. 

  • My goal is for you to realize that you have unlimited choices on how you can respond and move from unconscious reaction patterns to conscious responses. 

  • You will learn to understand your nervous system and integrate the skills I teach you so that they become part of you, and enable you to feel alive in your body and relationships in your day to day. 

What I can support you with:

  • Setting healthy boundaries, instead of merging with the feelings of others or not being able to connect.

  • Cultivating healthy anger, instead of having suppressed anger or “random” anger outbursts.

  • Having hard conversations to develop healthy relationships, instead of being stuck in unhealthy attachment styles and unhealthy trans-generational beliefs.

  • Un-shaming, cultivating deep self-love and self-compassion with yourself and your body

  • Finding pleasure in day to day & sexuality. 


  • Ongoing 2 year studies: Somatic Sexological Bodywork, Germany

  • 2024: “Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma” by NICABM

  • 2022 - 2023: Anatomy and Physiology, UK

  • 2021 - 2023: Brennan Healing Science, UK

  • Multiple embodiment courses since 2020 from David Bedrick, Michaela Boehm, Mark Walsh, Sky Dancing, Isha Foundation

  • 10 years in management positions in corporate & start-up jobs 

Structure of the session:

  • We start with a short discussion to understand what brings you to the session. 

  • Based on the information you provide me, I will suggest an embodiment practice in standing, or lying on the soft mat on the floor or lying on a massage table. 

  • The intention of the embodiment practice is that you start by learning how to talk to your body so you can calm your nervous system & lovingly hold your emotions, impulses, and inner critic voice; up to creating a new lived experience in your body to replace the existing reaction with a response. 

  • The session is a combination of movement, slowing down to feel, reflection and discussion.

  • Integrate the experience with your original request of the session.

Please note: 

  • Felicia is a coach, not a therapist. Her work is not a substitute for any professional or medical consultation.

  • Sessions can take place in the following languages: English, German, Romanian, Russian.

  • Come/bring comfortable clothing.

  • If you have any questions feel free to contact Felicia at

  • Sessions take 60-90min (150 EUR)


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