Kundalini Activation


What is a Kundalini Activation Transmission?

Kundalini is the Sanskrit term for Life Force Energy. 

It is Consciousness that has manifested as energy.

 This energy is your essence, it is not separate from you. It is within you. A Kundalini Activation Transmission is a transmission of this energy and follows the path of surrender (vs. the path of willful practices like breathwork, tantra or yoga asanas). It will  support you in activating dormant potential of life force energy.

Kundalini Activation offers an experience of complete surrender and can support you in connecting to higher states of consciousness and allow you to return to a feeling of oneness and union. 

During a session a release of emotions or spontaneous body movements, besides other phenomenas, can occur.

How does a 1:1 session look like?

As a facilitator I act as tuning fork for this energy. 
You will be lying down and music will be played. Your eyes will be closed.

I might touch certain chakra/energy points on your body. There's nothing you actively need to do. Your ability to surrender and simply allow the energy to become more and more 
activated in your system opens a gateway for transformation, release and new insights.

What can happen during a session?

There is a wide variety of phenomena that you might be experiencing during a session. From not much to a full body cathartic experience (and everything in between).
Some of the experiences can be:
  • PHYSICAL/KINAESTHETIC:  involuntary and spontaneous movements, shaking, asanas, stretches, mudras,..
  • ENERGETIC: energetic sensations while the body is still - like sensations of heat or cold, tingling sensations, feeling of heightened energy in different parts of body
  • VISUAL: when there is more activation in your pineal gland you might see colors, symbols, images, visions, go on astral journeys, sudden insights and clarity
  • EMOTIONAL: joy, anger, fear, sadness, bliss,..You might want to scream, cry, laugh..everything is welcome
    that wants to be released

Why shall I attend a session?

It is not so much about the experiences during a session (even though they can be very impressive). What matters are the shifts and changes that can happen in your life after the activation and in between sessions. This energy moves us closer to who we truly are. As we raise our energy with every activation, certain habits, relationships, patterns that do not match this heightened frequency will change or we simply don’t feel drawn to them anymore. Kundalini Activation is a very safe way of working with Kundalini energy. The energy is incredibly intelligent and will reveal only what you are ready to feel, see and release - nothing more, nothing less. 

What are the benefits of working in a 1:1 setting?

In a 1:1 session I can address the shifts within your system on a very profound level.
You will receive my full attention and customized support, so that your body can open
up more and more to the flow of Kundalini energy. I am being able to fully observe and care for your body and energy system through the whole session. All of my knowledge from working with different modalities in order to prepare for Kundalini energy and how to establish the energy in your system on a daily base will be shared and you will receive customized support after and in between sessions.  

Sessions can be held in English and German and last about 120 minutes

Who is my facilitator?

Maria Strauss was born in Austria and lives her purpose by teaching different styles of yoga, offering Transformative Bodywork Sessions and facilitating Kundalini Activation Transmissions. She has established her unique relationship with Kundalini energy for several years and emphasizes in creating a safe frame for people to work with this energy. She re-connects people with their essence, Kundalini energy, all over the world and guides women into living a life aligned with their feminine energy.
Find out more about Maria on instagram: @maria__strauss or check out her website:

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