Holistic Massage – Body


  • 60 minutes: 80 
  • 90 minutes: 120 €
  • 120 minutes: 140 €


Touch is a powerful medicine. It is the most grounded way to release stress, improve your immune function and find a sense of peace.

When we're in a state of deep rest and relaxation, it is easier for us to hear the soft whispers of our inner voice and to connect with ourselves on a more profound level.

I work by listening to your body. I provide relaxing and activating massages, always creating a dynamic flow between a soft, slow, receptive and loving energy, and a firmer and more active presence to show you where something needs to be felt.

I combine knowledge of acupressure and reflexology within my treatments. I will always provide more attention to the areas that you request me to, or that your body seems to be needing.

Throughout all my massages I incorporate the use of infused and essential oils.
Please specify beforehand if you have any nut allergies.