Energy Cosmetologist


Cosmetologist - specialist in neo psychosomatics of the face , energy practitioner, aromatherapist, healer 

Spa Rituals for the face with Alsu 

“Human beings are the embodiment of everything beautiful in this world. It’s important to remember that”

I am inspired by people and see the divine beauty in everyone. Every touch is an introduction to a living system that is uniquely inimitable every time.  

My mission is to make a valuable contribution to this system to expand the flow of significance within everyone naturally.

My author's methods of working with the face are aimed at not only relaxing the facial muscles, but also the whole body.

Due to these manual techniques, the human body is revitalised, the skin is tightened and smoothed, destructive thoughts leave and there is a state of weightlessness comparable to a full night's sleep. 

Clients often fall asleep, their stomachs rumble, and all this indicates that the parasympathetic nervous system is relaxing and the body is beginning to heal itself. A system of natural facial care, including various massage techniques, energy practices, complete care according to the protocol of a cosmetologist using professional German cosmetics - this is what you can get by booking a session with me.




  • 1 hour base treatment for the face
    full face massage and aromatherapy 95€ 
  • 1.5 hour spa ritual for the face
    full face treatment with foot massage and body energy therapy 155€


Customer Reviews

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Christina Gallee
Facial with Alsu

I had an incredible experience with the energy cosmetologist facial treatment at Alsu. I felt completely relaxed during the session, and afterward, my skin looked refreshed and radiant. Alsu is very empathetic and skilled, and the massage that accompanied the treatment was exceptional. Thank you, Alsu, for this amazing treatment—I will definitely be returning!

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