Astro-Herbal Consultation


Astro-Herbal Consultation

with Ivy 

In this consultation we will deep-dive into your astrological make-up through your birth chart, which acts like both a microscope and telescope of your soul. You will learn about some of the hidden keys that are present in your being and I will share about how you can start or continue cultivating these keys. 

You will learn about the particular correspondences* between your birth chart and the herbs, diet and lifestyle currently most fitting for you.

We may discuss current transits you are experiencing, and knowledge on how to grip and support the phases you are currently going through. 

Available both online and in-person. You are welcome to record the consultation so you can keep going back to the information shared.

Looking forward to dive in deep and dance with the stars together!

Available in English, German, French or Dutch.


Astrology as universal language of nature 

*Correspondences are energies that mirror themselves within different layers of nature - whether it’s in plants, minerals, animals, human bodies, emotions, personalities, times of the day, days of the week, months of the year, planets in the sky, or gods in the pantheon.

There are several universal archetypal forces in our universe that keep repeating themselves again and again throughout all of these layers of existence. 

Understanding these forces of nature allows us to unlock certain keys to the universe, and ourselves within it.


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