Trance Ritual - Spirit


  • 60 minutes: 60 €
  • 90 minutes: 90 €
  • 120 minutes: 120 €

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In a shamanic trance ritual we go beyond the body and mind and into the realm of the spirit.

Through the repetitive sound of the drum we enter into a light state of trance. In this state the doors toward our subconscious open and we are able to deep-dive into the hidden caverns of our selves. Here we can communicate with layers of our spirit selves.

The beautiful thing is that you don't need to be 'gifted' in order to be able to do this: it is each and every one of our birthright to access these depths of spirit.

The power of intention is a core aspect of ritual. At the start of the ritual I will ask you to clarify your intention and word it in the most simple form that you can. This helps you to be crystal clear.

Subsequently I will start the drumming and create the sacred space of our ritual. I will guide you through your inner journey as you find your place of power and truth. I will ask you to speak aloud what you are experiencing in order for you to be able to ground your journey.

At the right time, I shall call you 'back' and we will slowly transition into our normal state of consciousness again. I will ask you to write your complete journey out on paper for yourself to keep.

We will discuss the insights, feelings and experiences you gained through the ritual and how you can integrate them into your life, if necessary.