Tantric Breathwork and Massage


Ksenia Worthmann
Duration 1,5-2 hours

Energy investment: €200

Tantric Breathwork is a psycho-physiological technique combining breath and movement accompanied by electronic or meditative music to release unfinished emotional cycles kept in the system. It is followed by a sensual and gentle touch massage, working with the sexual energy and spreading it into the body. It nurtures and heals the physical, emotional and subtile bodies. It connects them into a state of tenderness and soft connection within. You will feel expansion, wholeness and joy.

The session consist of a short interview (sometimes on the phone a couple of days ahead)

My work will provide a safe space for you to uncover and let go of past events and feelings that limit us to allow intimacy. As you move into an expanded state of consciousness, you transform wounding, limiting beliefs and blockages in intimacy, sexuality and connections to acceptance, self-love and pleasure.

Do you want to bring more aliveness and love into your life?
How do you connect to your sexual energy?
Does your sexual drive sometimes overwhelm or confuse you?
Do you wish to learn tools to transform your sexual energy consciously into a creative life force?

The practice is a fusion of knowledge gathered by more than 15 years of teaching and practicing Breathwork, Tantra, Meditation and Kundalini work. It is there for you to learn to produce your own medicine and get high on your own supply :).
It’s ging to be transformative, healing and magical.

Prior to sessions we discuss personal boundaries.

This treatment is especially designed for women. For men there will be sessions available starting January 2023 in a format with 4 hands with a second female specialist.

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