Talk Plant to me: Yarrow

Do humans have souls?

Do animals have souls?

What about plants? 

The intention of this workshop series is to directly experience the soul-ness of plants and their specific personalities. Our anthropocentric society has put humans in the spotlight for several centuries, but what if we open ourselves up to the essences of the natural world at large? Is it possible to communicate with the plant kingdom? If so, what type of language do we share?

We will explore these questions together through practice on Friday evenings at Herbarium. Our approach is practical, where we minimise philosophising about the nature of reality, but rather get down and dirty with our plant allies. 

  • Check in 
  • Awakening our inner senses through tea and tincture, aromatherapy, touch and sight 
  • Taking note of what we perceive, and what may block our perceptions
  • Short and intensive percussive dance round to get into our bodies and our earth 
  • Trance ritual to meet and journey with the spirit of the plant
  • Sharing of our experiences in small circles
  • Short storytelling of the mythology of the plant and some of their practical and historical applications
  • Check out 

You will learn:

  • How you can receive direct information from the natural world
  • What it is like to perceive a personality (or soul) of a non-human organism
  • Mythological stories of certain plants and trees
  • Practical and historical roles of certain plants and trees

No previous experience necessary, although experienced people are very welcome!

This workshop will be given in English by Ivy.

Edition IV: Yarrow 


18:00 - 20:00 


    Gratis Versand nach Österreich ab einem Einkaufswert von € 60, nach Deutschland ab € 100

    Österreich € 3,90
    Deutschland € 8,90
    Europäische Union € 8,90

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