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  • 60 minutes: 60 
  • 90 minutes: 90 €
  • 120 minutes: 100 €

Language: English, Dutch or French+

Also available online.

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Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? Who am I?

These are questions that we all struggle with. Nobody can answer these questions for us but ourselves. Yet sometimes, we just need to be asked the right questions in order to realise what lies within.

That is where I come in. Using a variation of the Socratic method of dialogue we will explore your depths and I will act as a midwife to your inner wisdom.

Our exploration starts by setting a primary core question that you would like answers to. This will be followed by many subsequent questions in order to bring you deeper, layer by layer, into your own truth and clarity.

In the end you are left with an overview of your inner belief systems, values and motivations.

After the initial exploration phase, we will start discussing on how to integrate these discoveries into your life using the same method.