Somatic Movement Therapy


What is Somatic Movement?

  • Relieves Acute & Chronic Pain & Migraines
  • Unlocks Frozen Shoulder & Tight Muscles
  • Re-Establishes Connections in the Body/Mind After Injury & Surgery
  • Re-Programs Habitual Patterns & Creates Movement Efficiency
  • Increases Range of Motion & Maximizes Sports Performance
  • Speeds Up Sports Recovery & Healing Process
  • Strengthens & Stretches the Muscles & Core
  • Relieves Anxiety & Stress (Calms the Nervous System)
  • Alleviates Depression & Activates Positive Emotional States

Somatic Movement Therapy (SMT) is a hands-on integrative body-mind therapy that works with underlying physiological systems and body rhythms that have their own healing intelligence such as the: breath, nervous system, lymphatic system, organs, bones, glands and fluids. 

Somatic Movement Therapy can help you move forward when you feel stuck in your body or stuck in your life.  Added benefits are that it helps you: feel good (physically & mentally), sleep better and reduce your need for medications as well as visits to multiple types of therapy.

My one-on-one sessions are practiced fully clothed.  I work with the body: standing, in motion, sitting or laying down. A session might include any of those positions as well as: guided imagery, breath work, bodywork, massage, assisted stretching, movement, dance, lymph massage, organ and gland activation and self-reflective or creatively expressive games.

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