Shamanic Drum Journey // Meet your spirit animal


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Program of the Evening: • Opening Circle • Drum Journey • Sharing Circle • Closing

In shamanic traditions it is known that everyone of us has a Spirit Animal, also called Power Animal, Totem Animal or Nagual.

These are spirit beings that are here to help and support the individual human being on their path, taking on the form of an animal to do that. Their realm is a non-ordinary reality, the „Otherworld“.

There they exist as our personal guides and protectors. A Spirit Animal comes to you specifically because of what it can teach you – it's so called ‚medicine’, which represents their archetypal energy. This energy can be called upon when necessary in various life situations.

Your Spirit Animal’s medicine can provide you with what you need to be more in our power, centered, grounded, connected, more conscious, courageous, present and healed. Together we will go on a journey to the Otherworld to meet your Spirit Animal.

I will use my drum as a sound container and door opener and will to lead you in a relaxed and trance like state in which you can journey within to connect with your Spirit Animal and establish a relationship, ask questions and receive it’s medicine.

I am inviting you to come with an open mind and heart, filled with childlike curiosity and allow yourself to enter a world beyond your everyday reality, of miracles and wonders. This event will be held in German and/or English, depending on the needs of the participants. 

      Energy Exchange for the evening: € 44

      deposit to reserve your space is payed online (limited participants!)

      Please bring the rest in cash to the event.

      Antonia Xochicalli is Coach, Reality Designer, Earth Keeper, World Bridger, Medicine Woman and Danzante de la luna (Moondancer) in Mexiko/Austria since many years.

      Her soul mission is to inspire and empower human beings, to assist in unlocking their highest potential so they can live and fulfill their soul purpose on this wonderful planet in these magical times.

      She loves to travel the world and explore ancient cultures and rituals to integrate the old wisdom in our modern world. Her strongest gift she came here to share with the world is her cristal clear intuition and she loves to assist others to reconnect with this powerful source of guidance and wisdom within each and every one of us.

      Antonias holistic toolbox that she is using instinctively in her work includes Integral Coaching, Human Design, the Mayan Calendar, A Course in Miracles, Metaphysics, Meditation, Inner Journeys, Shamanic Ritual, Quantum Healing, Reiki, Sound Frequency, Dragon Dreaming, Cacao Ceremony, Healing Foods, Tensegrity, Yoga and much more. 

      Samstag, 08. Juni - 19:00-21:00 Uhr

      Program of the Ceremony:

      18:30 - 21:00

      • Opening Circle • Quality of this specific Moon • Guided Temple Meditation • Full Moon Ritual • Sharing Circle • Closing

      Allow yourself to explore how it feels to reconnect with the source of your innate inner wisdom and power. Let Grandmother Moon illuminate your untamed nature, your deepest dreams, your creative playfulness, your innocent curiosity.

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