Fliegenpilz Ceremony

Fliegenpilz Ceremony


Amanita Muscaria, fly agaric, the infamous fliegenpilz. The mushroom of the witches, the super Mario mushroom, the queen of the woods. Anyone who has come across her has likely been absolutely show stopped by her mesmerising beauty.

When not prepared properly, the flesh of this beautiful being is indeed poisonous. However, there are ways to prepare amanita so that the poison is transformed into medicine… quite literally. 

Once done so, this lady can bring you on a very soft and feminine magic carpet ride, gently reminding you of the incredible light within and between everything. Hence, she has traditionally been ingested during the darkest times of winter.

This evening we will enter into direct ritual with amanita muscaria. 

Reconnecting with our European ancestral wisdom, together. 

You will be held by live music played by Adrian Walther.

Ivy (herbalist, ritualist) and Regina (pharmacist, ritualist) will guide and hold space for this circle.

12 January 19:00 - 22:00

€77 - €111

(pay as you can)

    Gratis Versand nach Österreich ab einem Einkaufswert von € 60, nach Deutschland ab € 100

    Österreich € 3,90
    Deutschland € 8,90
    Europäische Union € 8,90


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