Couple Immersion



What if you are NOT responsible for the pleasure of your partner?

What if you need to be a better TAKER, to be a BETTER GIVER?

You cannot receive or give pleasure. When you understand pleasure as physiology, you see that you cannot give it or receive it. You access it within yourself. 

What we can give and receive is time and attention. The basis of a great relationship and s*x life.

Still, why is it so hard to keep the spark alive & enjoy intimacy in a romantic relationship?

  1. We live in a society full of cultural scripts and unconscious entitlements - which often results in non-consensual taking and overgiving. This makes us unknowingly feel depleted in the long run.
  2. We live in a society in which we are ever more disconnected from our biggest ally - the body. We forgot what it means to be truly intimate to oneself - be aware of the feelings and emotions that arise within us, so that we can be truly present with our partner. 
  3. Intimacy and s*x have contradictory energy. Intimacy is built on close connection between partners, whereas great s*x is built on erotic friction/polarity. 
  4. Most of us naively rely on the spontaneous & magic moments of spark to occur naturally.

The good news is that:

  1. We can UNLEARN the cultural SCRIPTS
  2. We can LEARN to be more PRESENT in our body and therefore with our partner
  3. We can LEARN how to CULTIVATE intimacy & erotic friction

This workshop combines mini-talks & embodiment practices to allow you to:

  • Understand how to cultivate INTIMACY & EROTIC FRICTION
  • Experience the importance of first becoming PRESENT WITH YOURSELF  
  • Explore the art of RECEIVING & GIVING in a new way 

Let's clear the air: 

  • Any couple set-up is welcome to the workshop
  • All exercises will be done with clothes on 
  • You can choose to do all exercises with your partner only
  • If you have any further questions ask them 



Felicia is a Psycho-Somatic coach focused on Embodiment,  Sexuality,  Trauma &  Health.

Felicia combines s*xual education and guided hands-on somatic coaching with her lived experience of s*xual trauma & energy and a decade work experience in the corporate & start-up environment.



  • Date: 30.09.2023
  • Time: 2pm - 7pm 
  • Location: Herbarium Officinale, Hoher Markt 5, 1010 Wien
  • Max participants: 5 couples - please register as a couple
  • Price: 
    • Early bird price till 15.09 - 150 EUR/ couple
    • Regular price -  200 EUR/ couple
    • Included in the price is a voucher of 150/200 EUR you can spend in the Herbarium Officinale Shop, which you will receive upon attending the workshop.
  • Dress code: Come dressed in loose clothing that makes you feel sensually at ease.

    Gratis Versand nach Österreich ab einem Einkaufswert von € 60, nach Deutschland ab € 100

    Österreich € 3,90
    Deutschland € 8,90
    Europäische Union € 8,90

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