Cacao & Rapé Ceremony

The four female archetypes hold a world of wisdom for us women; they represent the phases of the menstrual cycle, the moon cycle and the seasons. 

Each one has its own characteristics and power.

Spring is represented by the maiden archetype: 

the maiden isn’t afraid to show the world who she is. 

She brings youth, adventure, courage, sensuality and strength to go through new beginnings.

Join us in a beautiful cacao ceremony guided by Safieh to learn about this female archetype and to evoke this energy inside of you!

Safieh is a holistic coach - she combines her spiritual and shamanic knowhow with science-based coaching, holding a beautiful and secure space where you can unfold yourself in a lovely ‘me-time’ ceremony to reconnect with your essence and implement more balance in your life.

Where? Herbarium Officinale (Hoher Markt 5)

When? 26th of March, 3pm - 6pm. 

How much? 55€

Women only

    Gratis Versand nach Österreich ab einem Einkaufswert von € 60, nach Deutschland ab € 100

    Österreich € 3,90
    Deutschland € 8,90
    Europäische Union € 8,90

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