Cacao Ceremony


30% Anzahlung leisten und Platz sichern (Information zum Gesamtbetrag unter „Kosten”)

In this ceremony you are invited to fall into the loving arms of Mama Cacao and walk by her hand straight into your very own heart. 

Finding softness. 

And tenderness.

Releasing emotions.

And processing whatever needs to be processed in this very moment. 

Ceremonial cacao  originates from indigenous traditions in Central and South America, where cacao has been revered for its sacred and healing properties for thousands of years. It works on all our multidimensional layers and is said to be heart opening, energetically cleansing, supportive with emotional release, enhancing mental clarity and also strengthening the connection to our intuition and to the up above. 

In shamanic ceremonies pure cacao is prepared and consumed as a ceremonial drink, often blended with other ingredients such as spices or herbs.

The ceremonial cacao used in this ceremony is from Peru and will be served with rice milk, a special blend of spices and date syrup.

So through the support of Mama Cacao, a beautiful trance journey and a very unique sound healing you have the opportunity to meet yourself on a very profound level. 

    € 69 (a cup of wonderful ceremonial cacao included)

    There is one low-budget ticket available! If you are currently struggling with affording the ticket, let me know via Mail. 

    Eva is an Empath, Earth Keeper and Cosmic Child committed to helping people evolve and making this planet a better home. 

    She shares her tools and knowledge out of a place of deep connection to Mama Earth and an abundant love for every soul and every being in this universe.

    Through her work as an Energy Healer, Holistic Guide and Advocate of Expansion of Consciousness 

    Her aim is to assist people in reconnecting to their emotions, their heart and to the ever-present magic that lies within and without. 

    The way Eva holds spaces is deeply caring and gives you the feeling of being safe, understood and at home.

    Time: 30 th May // 18:30-21:00 Uhr


    • Welcome & Introduction 
    • Grounding & Intention setting
    • Ceremony - Connecting with Mama Cacao
    • Trance Journey
    • Sound Healing 
    • Sharing circle 

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