Tantric Kundalini Breathwork


My name is Ksenia. I am an artist and a yoga and meditation teacher for 15 years. What I love most in my life is being in the state of flow. To be connected to the magic within, unlimited power and emotional freedom. Radiating this state of harmony and joy, creating one's own energetic medicine and healing, and inspiring others to be kinder to themselves and live their purpose and passion as one. 

This is what I teach, connecting all the paths, traditions and personal experiences that my soul has taken me through to learn and share. Come with me on this transformative journey to the inner temple, let's celebrate the unknown that is waiting to be discovered.

This workshop provides a safe space where you can uncover and release past events and feelings that prevent us from allowing intimacy. With the help of breath, energy work and subtle movements you enter an expanded state of consciousness, transforming wounds, limiting beliefs and blockages relating to intimacy, sexuality and connections into acceptance and self-love.

Do you want to bring more vitality and love into your life?

How can you connect with your sexual energy and expand your heart center?

Would you like to learn techniques to consciously transform your sexual energy into a creative life force, to channel it, to increase it, to exchange it and to create with it?

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