Cacao with Ayni


Private group ceremonies available. Please contact Ayni here for more information.

Ayni : The Sacred Art of Reciprocity

Ayni is a devoted cacao ceremonialist, sound meditation practitioner, performance artist and ceremonial space designer for events and retreats. 

Over the last 10 years Ayni has dedicated her life to her multidisciplinary alchemical journey of ritual arts, yoga and meditation to empower you in activating your inner sovereignty through the divine inner workings of music, sound healing, meditation, ceremonial cacao rituals, breathwork and self love practices.

What is a Cacao Ceremony?
A cacao ceremony is a community gathering centered around the ancestral drink of  Cacao. It is one of the oldest historic and ancient healing practices used by indigenous cultures that work with rebalancing energies in the body to regain health, mental clarity and focus. We drink Cacao to express gratitude for all that we have and all that we are. 

What is Ceremonial Cacao?
Ceremonial Cacao is made from heirloom strains of Cacao from Central and South America. Ceremonial Cacao is prepared in a traditional and ceremonial way, it is not defatted and is minimally processed under low temperatures to keep its nutritional health benefits. 

Benefits of Ceremonial Cacao:
Ceremonial cacao is packed full of vitamins and minerals, cacao increases blood flow to the brain which helps to strengthen awareness and focus. It supports the body to heal, detoxify and boost your immune system. There are countless physical benefits to this plant medicine such as; iron, magnesium, phosphorus, B-vitamins and zinc. However the flood of theobromine releases the happy endorphins in your brain- supports the connection to oneself, nature and community. 
What happens in a Ceremonial Cacao Ritual with Ayni?
We start by creating a safe and sacred space together (whether in a group or one on one, in a private ceremony). We share intentions, what is present for you and how I may be of support and guide you through the next 60-90 minutes of journeying with cacao and the infinite universe that is you. We begin with an opening ritual to bless the space, breathwork, light movement or body activations to drop you in the here and now
Once I am in your presence, I feel intuitively what is needed and I move from that space, I will serve you a ceremonial dose of cacao in its purest form. I will hold space in full presence, guiding you deeper into your experience with my voice and your breath. I may use music or facilitate sound healing during our session, incense, aromatherapy and even silence allowing you time and space for your own inner workings. The modalities I share are rooted in tradition, grounding you through our time together. We honor the wisdom keepers; the ancient ones who have been protecting this sacred plant for over 3,000 years; in respect, humility and celebration for this divine moment in existence. In this we honor our earth mother, the directions, cycles and ceremony of life.

Each session is customized for each individual and varies from each participant or group. 

The true ceremonial cacao movement is actually improving the lives of indigenous people and protecting their ancient traditions of growing, preparing and serving cacao. 


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