Shirodhara Stirnguss with Paula


With its knowledge of a long, healthy life, Ayurveda is the ideal accompaniment for every situation in life. In addition to type-appropriate nutrition and lifestyle, regular oil massages also play an important role in holistic, preventive health. An old Ayurvedic proverb says: "It is better to pay the oilman regularly than to pay large sums to the doctor".

During my treatments, I get a first impression of your Ayurvedic constitution and existing concerns in a short preliminary talk. The constitution determination, based on the distribution of the 3 known types, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, gives me information about your current dosha status, which is also the basis for the individual design of the massage treatment. So I can always adjust oils, their temperature, massage style and focus according to your Ayurvedic dosha. After the massage, I'll let you rest for a few minutes before you have a shower in the attached bathroom.


Shirodhara, the Ayurvedic forehead pour, is the supreme discipline of Ayurvedic applications. With this special treatment, after a short head and foot massage, a thin stream of oil is poured evenly over the forehead and can flow from there over the hairline. The flowing oil leads to deep relaxation in which the hemispheres of the brain are synchronized and the body is harmonised. This state is comparable to a deep, long meditation or a kind of trance. The forehead shower has a particularly stress-relieving, nervousness-reducing, deeply relaxing and clarifying effect.

I, Paula, am a mom, certified Ayurveda practitioner, globetrotter, student of life, and curious nose on duty. I have a big heart, always an open ear and strong shoulders that like to support others. You can find more information about me, my professional career and treatments on my homepage at:

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