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Nothing fascinates me like people. Curiosity about my counterpart, restoring physical balance and helping my clients to get a little closer to themselves are the central motives of my Shiatsu work. 

Shiatsu is a massage technique from the Far East. The focus is on people and their well-being - both physically and mentally. With different pressure qualities I work along the body's energy channels to release blockages, bring life force into a harmonious flow and bring people in contact with themselves and their needs.

With Shiatsu, in addition to the treatment of physical complaints, it is also possible to show perspectives for mental issues in a trusting atmosphere - the holistic approach and the all-encompassing view of the human being correspond to my view of a sustainably good and healthy life. 

My Shiatsu work focuses on:

  • Strengthening of the immune system and one's own vitality 
  • Tension in the back/shoulder/neck area, (tension) headaches, migraines
  • Restlessness, sleep disorders, anxiety and exhaustion, prophylaxis and support for burnout
  • Accompaniment of the desire to have children, pregnancy and childbirth as well as menstrual and menstrual problems
  • scar suppression
  • Accompanying oncological diseases and therapies

Shiatsu for children and young people - strengthening body and self-esteem, support with (school) anxiety, eating disorders, relieving tension, promoting mental balance, support with concentration difficulties, restlessness and in phases of upheaval such as puberty, separation of parents etc.

A Shiatsu treatment takes about 50 minutes. I am happy to take my time for the initial consultation, please allow around 75 minutes for your first visit with me. If necessary, we can adjust the duration of the treatment to your individual needs. Shiatsu is usually practiced on a soft mat on the floor. If you have difficulties lying down/standing up, we will choose the right alternative together. Shiatsu is practiced while clothed.

Please bring comfortable, loose-fitting cotton clothing (t-shirt, trousers, socks) that you can move freely in. Make sure you drink enough before and after the treatment - Shiatsu stimulates our body to clean itself, water supports it. You should not eat any more food or only eat easily digestible food about two hours before the treatment.Shiatsu is body work and does not replace a visit to a doctor in the event of physical or psychological complaints. ​Shiatsu is a regulated trade and an independent professional training in Austria. Qualified Shiatsu practitioners have completed at least 3 years of training in Austria. Since I am currently in the last six months of my training, the payment is made as an energy balance or expense allowance.

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Austria Austria

Absolute Bliss

Luisa has a very sensitive, professional and pleasant manner and takes enough time to customize the treatment. I can only say: I was in absolute bliss afterwards and can give a definitive recommendation!

Austria Austria

Perfect feel-good time with great effect

Every single hour is so beneficial for body and soul. Luisa's sensitive nature creates the perfect atmosphere to let go and enjoy. Just try it.

Austria Austria

Shiatsu at its best

Luisa does her magic every time. I love her treatments, her vibe and I always feel better afterwards.

Austria Austria

One of a kind!

100% recommendation! on site: relaxing and with the right pressure afterwards: noticeable difference. Caution: can be addictive...

Sebastian K.
Austria Austria


Excellent treatment that totally relaxes. Can only recommend Luisa!

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