Shadow Work Ceremony


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During this ceremony we will immerse in a transformative experience to help you on your journey of self-awareness by integrating your shadows.
Recognizing your shadows that have been ignored or repressed supports finding your balance in life.


What is a cacao ceremony?

A Cacao ceremony is a heart opening celebratory ritual supporting you to find vitality, balance, harmony and creativity, also boosting your mood and strengthening your intuition through insights. It supports you aligning your physical, mental and emotional bodies: letting go of old patterns and what no longer serves you, releasing energetic blockages and anchoring new positive resources.

What is rapé?

Rapé is a sacred native American plant medicine. It consists out of a mixture of plants and most of the time it contains sacred tobacco as a central plant. It is considered the medicine of the air. It brings the subtle yet powerful healing of this element. To apply it, Safieh and Peter use their Tepi (applicator) to blow it into each of your nostril.

Rapé is very good for cleansing our pineal gland, our thoughts and helps us to organize, clean and balance the mind. It brings the ability to better perceive the present moment, opening our energy channels and also connecting us to the wisdom of the great spirit.

What are the benefits from breathwork?
Breathwork is a powerful therapeutic breathing technique aimed at achieving altered states of consciousness for healing and self-exploration. It is a powerful tool for personal transformation, helping individuals access deeper levels of their psyche and achieve a greater sense of well-being and connection. Here are the key benefits of breathwork:
- release of repressed emotions
- increased emotional awareness
- self-discovery and insight
- integration of experiences
- enhanced spiritual connection
- altered states of consciousness
- enhanced perception

    Ticket: 69 €

    Safieh was born in Brazil and moved to Austria as teenager. She came into contact with Native American ‘medicines’ almost 10 years ago. She is guiding beautiful transformative ceremonies and retreats, sharing the knowledge she has accumulated over the past years.
    Safieh’s sophisticated coaching tools together with her spiritual initiations and her knowledge as an educated Montessori-pedagogue, psychological counselor, family constellation guide, trained reiki and tantra therapist create a fusion promoting holistic balance through body, mind and spirit.

    Peter was born and raised in Vienna and grew up in an American-Austrian family with whom he spent a lot of time in the US. Peter always felt a very strong calling to Native American traditions due to his maternal Native American ancestors.Peter engaged in Native American ‘medicines’ about 10 years ago and started his personal healing path. He was able to gather a lot of knowledge in and around several healing techniques such as reiki, breathwork, cacao, rapé, ice bathing and many more.Peter also does psychological counseling together with his wife Safieh and has some additional qualifications in 'couple counseling' and 'family constellation work'.

    Time: 27th June // 18:30-21:30 Uhr

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