Abhyanga full body massage


With its knowledge of a long, healthy life, Ayurveda is the ideal accompaniment for every situation in life. In addition to type-appropriate nutrition and lifestyle, regular oil massages also play an important role in holistic, preventive health. An old Ayurvedic proverb says: "It is better to pay the oilman regularly than to pay large sums to the doctor".

During my treatments, I get a first impression of your Ayurvedic constitution and existing concerns in a short preliminary talk. The constitution determination, based on the distribution of the 3 known types, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, gives me information about your current dosha status, which is also the basis for the individual design of the massage treatment. So I can always adjust oils, their temperature, massage style and focus according to your Ayurvedic dosha. After the massage, I'll let you rest for a few minutes before you have a shower in the attached bathroom.


The Ayurvedic full body massage is a loving envelopment in aromatic, medicated oils which are carefully poured over the body and then smoothed out with stimulating, flowing movements. The power of touch in combination with high-quality Ayurvedic oils have a draining, balancing and calming effect on the entire system. Metabolism is stimulated, tissues are nourished and the mind is grounded.

I, Paula, am a mom, certified Ayurveda practitioner, globetrotter, student of life, and curious nose on duty. I have a big heart, always an open ear and strong shoulders that like to support others. You can find more information about me, my professional career and treatments on my homepage at: www.paulakalya.com.

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