Dr. with. univ. Ursula Czink

NARM therapist

Do you know the feeling that in psychotherapy "just" talking doesn't really get you anywhere?

You have already tried many things and still certain stressful issues continue to accompany you in your life?

would you like to change that

I can't offer you any quick self-optimization offers or quick problem solutions.

However, a space, a counterpart that shares the present moment with you. So less offering solutions out of your head, but more exploring your desire for change together with you. Do you want to know how this works?

Well, we explore together what you experience when you share with me what moves you. These can be feelings, body perceptions, thoughts.

Did you get an idea now?

The neuroaffective relationship model NARM was developed by Dr. Laurence Heller develops and is based on the latest knowledge in neurobiology and neuroscience.

NARM is ideally suited to support you in healing from early stressful or overwhelming experiences, so-called developmental trauma.

developmental trauma? – A lot of people think that doesn't apply to them? From my point of view, it probably affects us all, some more, others less. To put it simply, developmental trauma is injuries from childhood, when we didn't get what we needed for healthy development as a child. To compensate for this, a child must make special adaptations, which are then stored in the nervous system as "successful" survival strategies. While these strategies helped us as children to cope with the unfavorable conditions, they now restrict our vitality and our possibilities. Changing that can support NARM efficiently.

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