Kundalini // Breathwork

About Inner Radiance.

Breathwork is a powerful tool to activate self-healing, self-knowledge, therapy and transformation. 

The session starts with a consultation and relaxation techniques that help you to feel yourself and to perceive areas of your life that you want to look at, heal or let go or that need a lot of energy right now. 

With the help of special breathing techniques and rhythmic music, a state of consciousness is to be achieved that enables psychological healing processes outside of the usual "normal" waking consciousness. Ecstasy, spiritual experiences and mystical states of consciousness "beyond" (trans) of personal experience are generated in a natural way.  In addition to physical sensations such as emotional outbursts, this also includes biographical experiences in which drastic or traumatizing events are relived and processed. Then there is an integration phase in which a journey takes place and the soul speaks to the spirit and brings insights.

Some benefits of holotropic breath are: 

- Reduce stress, anxiety, depression

- Increase in energy levels, strengthening of the immune system

- Increase self-confidence, happiness and joy

- Processing emotions, healing emotional pain and trauma

- Improve sleep 

- Connect with the higher self

- Release of pain and tension from the body

- Increase creativity

- Conscious exploration of altered states of consciousness 

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